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British SAS troops ‘on the ground in Ukraine training soldiers’

British SAS troops are on the ground in Kyiv training Ukrainian soldiers how to use anti-tank missiles, it has been claimed.

Officers from two battalions said that British special forces had visited them within the last two weeks for a critical crash course in handling the powerful weapons, which had been supplied by the UK.

Previously, the soldiers had been learning how to use them by watching YouTube videos.

Britain first sent military trainers to Ukraine after the invasion of Crimea in 2014, but said it had pulled its forces out of the country in February in order to avoid the possibility of a direct conflict with Russia and NATO being dragged into the war.

However, Captain Yuriy Myronenko, whose battalion is stationed in Obolon on the northern outskirts of Kyiv, told The Times that training had resumed and that it was essential for new recruits and returning veterans who had no experience with anti-tank missiles.

“We have received huge military help from Britain,” he said. “But the people who knew how to use NLAWs were in other places, so we had to go on YouTube to teach ourselves. You can learn in seven minutes, five to seven minutes.

“After that we had good training. British officers were here two weeks ago in our unit and they trained us really well. And because we have had successes, we have self-confidence now. ”

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