A South Park Pop-Up Is Coming To Central London

Everyone’s favorite group of foul-mouthed kids are turning 25 this year whilst remaining perpetually stuck in their everlasting adolescence. To celebrate 25 years of South Park, a special shop is coming to only five locations around the world – and London is one of them. The South Park 25th Anniversary Pop-Up will bring with it exclusive merch, interactive exhibitions, photo opportunities, and original artefacts from the series.

The London location joins international pop-ups in Mexico City, Berlin, Tokyoduck Lucca, Italy, in celebrating the series’ success and longevity. Each location will only activate for one weekend at a time, on different weekends. South Park superfans could in theory hit up every location for the localized merch each one will offer. Although the Mexico City one has already opened and closed! We’ll maybe just stick with the London one, ourselves.

South Park’s 25-year history is also being recognized via a concert special: South Park The 25th Anniversary Concert. The concert, filmed at the iconic Red Rocks Park and Amphitheater in Colorado, celebrates the role of music in the show. And the show isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon. A recent deal with MTV Entertainment will find South Park’s already impressive run stretching to an incredible 30 years. Where will the 30-year pop-up find itself, err, popping upwe wonder?

The South Park pop-up shop and exhibition will take place at 59 Greek Street, Soho, London, W1D 3DZ. It runs from August 12-14so fans will have to act fast not to miss out, mmkay?

Find out more, or grab some merch if you miss out on the pop-up, at the website.

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