Janelle Monáe Is Bringing Flower Crowns Back — See the Photos

Remember the flower crown Snapchat filter we were all obsessed with circa 2016? C’mon, you know the one. Flower crowns were the crown jewel of hairstyling in the mid-2010s, reigning supreme over Snapchat, Tumblr and Instagram alike. They fell out of favor as many trends do, but Janelle Monáe is ready to bring them back. … Read more

Friday Treat: Green H&M Sweater

[unpaid/purchase/affiliate] Yes, another one. I was in my local H&M (which I don’t go to nearly as often now I have Dora) and spotted this apple green sweater and it seemed the perfect thing to segue into autumn with now that the days are a bit chillier. Down south, it’s currently cold in the mornings … Read more

Emma Lewisham Illuminating Oil Cleanser Review

*Links marked with asterisks are affiliate links, these help Ree with running costs of the blog Priced at I have been circling this brand for a while and now that they have launched in Space NK, I have made it my business to get acquainted. There are lots of really good products in the range, … Read more

What to Know About Compound Weight Loss Medications

As popular drugs Ozempic and Mounjaro have become part of the popular landscape, so have compound weight loss medications. While many individuals have face obstacles getting their medications approved by insurance, another option has come readily available. Compounded weight loss medications are specially formulated and offer an alternative for those seeking effective weight loss solutions … Read more

ColourPop Welcome Foolish Mortals Palette Review & Swatches

Welcome Foolish Mortals ColourPop Welcome Foolish Mortals 15-Pan Shadow Palette ($24.00 for 0.53 oz.) is a new, limited edition 15-pan palette that included a mix of more subdued, grayish, and even cooler-toned hues. It contained two glitters, five shimmers, two sparkle-mattes, and six mattes as far as finishes went. The quality was comparable with past … Read more

Dr Anita Sturnham – Your Skincare Questions Answered

In this episode I speak to the brilliant Dr Anita Sturnham. Anita trained as a Dr specialising in plastic surgery and skin cancer and it was during her many years of analysing people’s skin that she fell in love with dermatology which eventually led her to open her aesthetic and wellbeing clinic, The Nuriss Clinic … Read more

Not Once Has Ariana Grande Worn Her Hair Like This — See Photos

Before Ariana Grande was known as a pop sensation with a ridiculously high ponytail, I knew her as the red-headed Cat on Victorious. Grande and her hair have come a long way since the Nickelodeon show. She returned to her natural brunette roots years ago before shocking fans in October 2022 with bright blonde hair … Read more

Jones Road The Lip Pencil Review & Swatches

*Links marked with asterisks are affiliate links, these help Ree with running costs of the blog Priced at The latest launch from Bobbi Brown’s brand Jones Road is all about the lips and I have been really enjoying them. Here’s the lowdown on Jones Road The Lip Pencil. I have all the shades to show … Read more

6 Cosmetic Surgery Procedures to Consider – Beauty That Walks

Self-confidence plays a significant role in how we navigate the world and interact with others. For many individuals living in Indianapolis and other parts of the world, feeling confident in their appearance is an essential component of their self-esteem. Cosmetic surgery procedures offer a path to enhancing one’s physical attributes, helping people achieve the level … Read more