‘I Want to Show the Conflict I Experience Within My Brain’: Young Painter Sasha Gordon on Her Tender and Menacing Self-Portraits

Sasha Gordon is multiplying. In canvas after canvas, the young Brooklyn-based artist appears as doppelgängers of herself amid a wooded dreamworld. Here, her body twists and contorts, skin vulnerably exposed and glowing in fluorescent hues of purple, electric blue and bright yellow. This is “Hands of Others” at Jeffrey Deitch, Gordon’s first solo show in … Read more

Mila Kunis responds to the war in Ukraine by raising millions of dollars to aid those who are suffering

Programming Note: Mila Kunis, Sean Penn, Chef José Andrés and Glenn Close will be among the celebrities recognized during “CNN Heroes Salutes,” hosted by Erin Burnett Saturday, June 25th at 10 pm ET. “If I said the word Ukraine, no one would know where that country was on the map, and so I was like, … Read more

‘Remarkable Drop’ in Demand for Goods and Services as Recession Fears Mount in America: S&P Economist

The demand for goods and services in the US economy has suffered in recent weeks, S&P economist Chris Williamson said while raising concerns about the country slipping into recession. The pace of America’s economic growth has “slowed sharply” in June, with “deteriorating forward-looking indicators” setting the stage for an “economic contraction” during Q3, 2022, Williamson, … Read more

Bitcoin Crash? It’s A ‘Crypto Ice Age’ — And Fed Rate Hikes Are A Big Reason

Bear markets have grown almost routine for Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency prices. Since its 2009 launch, Bitcoin’s price has tumbled more than 50% six times. X Coinbase (COIN) CEO Brian Armstrong, in a June 14 letter announcing an 18% staff cut, offered assurance despite the latest Bitcoin crash and walloping of other crypto prices. Armstrong … Read more

Miami Politicians React to Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade Decision

Earlier today, in a bombshell foreshadowed months in advance by the leak of a draft decision, the US Supreme Court ruled by a 6-3 margin to overturn Beet v. Wadesignaling a nationwide attack on women’s reproductive rights. As word spread of the high court’s official ruling in Dobbs v. Jacksondemonstrations erupted in Washington, DC, and … Read more

Don’t Make a ‘Snowflake Mountain’ Out of a Molehill

One day after firing 300 more employees, Netflix debuted a new reality competition series seemingly designed to stoke a bit of controversy. Snowflake Mountain takes a dozen “snowflakes” —a term mainly used by the right wing to describe youth who are hyper-privileged, incredibly entitled, and emotionally delicate — and drops them in the wilderness where … Read more

Nonprofits need a seat at the governing table

As leaders of two nonprofits – one national, the other local – we work in a range of communities and provide a variety of essential services. When Americans need support or seek to create community, nonprofits are trusted and dependable sources of help and partnership. This has never been more apparent than during the COVID-19 … Read more