I’ll be honest with you. This was one of the hardest and most emotional interviews I’ve ever done and for some people I know that it won’t be an easy listen. However, I also know that my guest, Zoe Clark-Coates MBE, will offer so many people exactly what they need and will help them navigate an incredibly difficult experience and it is for that reason that I think that this is one of the most important episodes that I’ve ever published.

This episode sees Zoe telling me her story, the story of how her and her husband lost 5 babies during pregnancy. Zoe goes into detail about not only how this felt but how her and her husband got through it. She talks honestly about elements of the experience that I never knew about and also about things that she needed at the time that she just didn’t get from the medical world.

Zoe’s story is so utterly hearbreaking and yet she gives hope and incredible advice. Her losses inspired her and her husband to start the Mariposa Trust which is a leading charity that supports people who have experienced this type of loss. She has also written best selling books on the subject and become an advisor to the government.

Whether you have lost a baby and need help processing it or know someone who has, then this episode will I think help you because not only does Zoe talk transparently about the experience, but she also gives hope about surviving it.

If you need further help then here’s a link to the Mariposa Trust