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Zach Braff and Molly Shannon Talk A Good Person

A Good Person stuck with me. The latest feature film from the directing side of Zach Braff is a compelling look at loss, forgiveness, and addiction. And yes, Braff has collected an impressive cast. Starring Florence Pugh, Morgan Freeman, Molly Shannon, Celeste O’Connor, and more, the film is an emotional experience. And much of that comes from Braff as the writer and director of this piece. And not surprisingly, Pugh and Freeman are both terrific, and Molly Shannon shines as a caring mother unsure of how to help her daughter. Deep and powerful stuff here.

We recently had the lovely opportunity to chat with Zach Braff and Molly Shannon about the new film. For Braff, he opened up about how personal this story was to him. The director talked about working with Pugh, and the challenging subject matter. As for Ms. Shannon, it was an absolute thrill to speak with this incredible actress. And we even talked about her early days of SNL. Both of these fine people were wonderful to speak with. If you want to see something a little more serious in theatres, you might want to look out for A Good Person.

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