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You can now spend the night in DJ Khaled’s shoe closet through Airbnb — for just $11 a night

It’s no secret that staying in big cities oftentimes means paying exorbitant prices to practically live in a shoe closet. But DJ Khaled is on a mission to turn that closet into a kingdom. 

The hip-hop mogul is now offering up a room in his Miami home on Airbnb – well, technically, his shoe closet. Dubbed his “ultimate sneaker kingdom,” the room comes with shoe-lined walls with some DJ Khaled’s “most prized kicks,” including his Jordan 3 “Grateful” and Jordan 8 “Oregon PEs.” 

“Sleep in my legendary sneaker collection and experience the 305 through the eyes (and shoes) of yours truly,” he says in the listing. “During the stay, guests will have the chance to live and breathe Miami the same way I do – epically. I’m rolling out all the big stops.”

And even though it is a shoe closet to sleep in, it does come with some perks, namely the cost. While many Miami hotels can cost hundreds of dollars per night, DJ Khaled’s closet is just $11. 

Guests will also receive an exclusive pair of We The Best Air Jordan 5s and can “soak in the Miami vibes” in DJ Khaled’s pool. There is also a chance to get a catered dinner from his Miami Gardens soul food restaurant The Licking. 

But there are some rules – it is his prized collection after all. 

“Don’t ever play yourself,” the listing says.

No animals are permitted and any Jordan Brand seeded products that guests could receive are not allowed to be resold. Guests are also not permitted to touch any of the shoes, although they can take plenty of photos. DJ Khaled said that the shoes “are our babies” and must be treated with respect. 

But “lastly, and most importantly,” stay blessed, he wrote. 

Two guests are able to stay in the room, which also comes with a private bathroom. Bookings can be made beginning on November 29 at 1 p.m. ET for two overnight stays on December 5 and 6. 

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