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SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) – As more and more workers reconsider their work-life balance, the San Francisco-based e-commerce company and unicorn Bolt are the first major technology company to permanently introduce the four-day work week.

The new policy went into effect in early 2022 after a successful three-month experiment in which the company found that the overwhelming majority of employees and managers were in favor of the change.

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The four-day work week is designed to increase productivity, keep employees happy and reduce burnout, according to Bolt.

It is also on a mission to transform the corporate culture.

“It’s actually not about trying to cram 5 days into 4 days,” said Chief People Officer Jennifer Christie. “The way we think actually changes the way we work and becomes more efficient over the four days. So we take a look, ‘are there meetings we don’t have to have? Can we work? another way? Are we focused and prioritizing the most effective work? ‘”

Christie says it’s not about police workers. Employees’ salaries also remain the same.

“If you are hiring the right people who are focused on your mission and are here to do the great work that we want them to do, empower them to do it,” Christie said. “And let them reach their goal, and we monitor things by goal not hours.”

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Bolt currently says most of its 550 employees work remotely due to the pandemic.

“Great, I would love that,” said Frankie Steiner of Oakland, who currently works from home. “I think if you wanted a six-day work week, you would just work more, and I also think you can be pretty productive with a four-day work week, and then I think the balance between work and privacy would also be much easier. “

We asked people in San Francisco what they would do with the extra free.

“Learn something new that you can bring to your company, travel, get out in nature, take care of yourself,” said San Francisco resident Josh, who declined to disclose his last name.

“I wanted to meditate, exercise more, cook more, cook, I have a long list of things,” said Katherine Cheng of San Francisco.

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Bolt said that since it published the news, it has been flooded with interest from potential employees. They also hear from other companies looking to learn more about introducing the four-day work week.


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