Gillie Da King is tired of seeing Wiz Khalifa in short shorts on his timeline. The Million Dollaz Worth Of Gameco-host revealed that he unfollowed Wiz Khalifa on Instagram this week after the rapper started sharing more videos of himself working out in the shortest shorts imaginable. While Gillie expressed love for the one-time guest on his podcast, he said he had enough and had to click the unfollowed button.

“You a legend, man. It’s Pennsylvania, baby. Philly to Pittsburgh but I had to unfollow him today, man. Every time I come on my page, man, you in your drawers,” Gillie said. “You giving up strap-and-ball action, man. Every day, man ?! I can not even do eight balls in the corner pocket every day when I wake up man.”

Wiz slyly responded with another post where he’s half-naked at the gym, writing, “I’m not responsible for your childhood trauma.” Gillie couldn’t help but laugh, writing, “childhood drama go put ur shorts on Wiz.”

Wiz later shared a video captioned, “How Wiz handles haters.” Though he did not mention Gillie by name, it was obvious that he was targeting the podcast host. “Same n *** as who be tellin ‘me to put clothes on in the gym or are unfollowing me because I make them feel uncomfortable, y’all the same n *** as that laughed at people when they read in high school or said that you sound stupid because you sound smart. Y’all are negative, “Wiz said. “And you know what I do with negativity? See ya!”

Check out Wiz’s response to Gillie below.