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Will Heat again turn trade focus to previous ones that got away? – The Mercury News

Q: Hello, Ira. With Kyrie Irving now joining the Mavs, it is likely Kevin Durant will request a trade. Being that Kevin is locked into his current contract through the 2025-2026 season, the Nets will want a huge haul including multiple first-round picks, many more than we have to offer. I’m sure the Heat decision makers know this, and are instead focused on realistic deals that can make this current Heat team better, or will they be like Captain Ahab and crew determined to get their whale? – Carlos, West Park.

A: I have been told that if the Heat do not move Kyle Lowry at Thursday’s NBA trading deadline that the Heat very much will return to the mindset of an offseason run at Kevin Durant or Bradley Beal, should either express a desire to move on. For Durant gets to see if this Brooklyn remix can work. But I do agree that it is almost as if the Heat keep kicking the can down the road with visions of Durant or Beal, as the games and seasons tick along with nothing but mediocrity in the interim.

Q: In my fantasy couch world, Kevin Durant wants out at the same time as Kyrie Irving and he ends up in a Heat uniform. Something like Kyle Lowry, Duncan Robinson, 2023 unprotected and a 2027 with top-10 protection for Durant.– Jason.

A: Not nearly enough. There at least would have to be Tyler Herro added to such an equation. The Nets simply can get more for Durant – always could and always can. But, again, it was as if the Kyrie trade to Dallas was done with an eye toward placating Durant, making him want to stay. Of course, in a different type of situation, the Heat once did that with Shabazz Napier, Josh McRoberts and Danny Granger in the hopes LeBron James would stay.

Q: Nice job by the Heat, putting out all these rumors so no one will notice all the games they’re losing. – Nick.

A: I can assure you, the Heat are not “putting out” rumors. They know the impact such talk can have on players. Their conversations are remaining very private.


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