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Wife of Coronado Official fired from school job due to anti-Asian comments

The beginning of the video posted on Tik Tok and Instagram.

The wife of a Coronado city official has been fired from her job at a private school in Riverside County after allegations that she and her husband made racist remarks to Asians, it was announced Monday.

The allegations surfaced after the release of a video in which Roger Miller, the city’s director of recreation and golf services, and his wife, Sandra Miller, are seen in a parking lot walking away from the person recording the video.

The video’s poster, which said the incident took place over the weekend in Newport Beach, claimed that the couple made racist comments before the filming, including statements about Chinese spreading COVID-19.

The woman in the video is heard saying “I love that we are not in their country. I love that we are not communism. I love that very much.” Later, she tells the person filming, “America is a free country. Go back to China.”

In a statement posted online Monday morning, Linfield Christian School, a K-12 school in Temecula, stated that the school “is aware of the video involving Ms. Sandra Miller. After speaking with Ms. Miller about the incident, Linfield has terminated his employment immediately.The statements made by Ms. Miller do not reflect Linfield’s beliefs, are inconsistent with Linfield’s mission statement and do not meet the behavior that Linfield expects employees to model for his students.

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