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Why Investing in Crypto is a Smart Move in 2022? 

Over the past few years, we have noticed Cryptocurrencies growing in leaps and bounds. They have transformed digital assets and marketplaces by unlocking new potential through cross-border trades. It has attracted a vast array of investors from diverse backgrounds. It is no longer restricted to experienced institutional traders but has opened up opportunities for complete beginners. The current market scenario with Cryptocurrencies makes it a viable option for investment. However, the question remains if it’s still a smart move to invest in Cryptocurrencies in 2022. BWC is a Crypto Exchange platform that provides users safe and secure Crypto investment opportunities. The platform enables investors to analyze the growth potential of various cryptocurrencies and make intelligent decisions.

In this article, we will analyze the current market conditions of Cryptocurrencies and their potential for growth as a Smart investment alternative. We will also closely examine a few promising cryptocurrencies worth consideration in 2022. 

Cryptocurrency and Market Condition.

Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Shibu, and Dogecoin have been gaining significantly since July 2022; each of these currencies has made at least a 1% rise compared to early 2022. The overall trading volume has been rising, with the global market cap crossing the $927 billion mark. This shows remarkable growth in investment instruments as compared to the last two years post-Crypto winter. Though early 2022 was considered one of the most challenging phases for Crypto investors, the second half looks promising to many institutional investors. 

Many exchange platforms have shown positive graphs on withdrawal rates urging investors to hold their investments for longer. The rise of Cryptocurrency in popular culture is also creating a significant hype for new investors. It must be noted that the Crypto industry has been evolving rapidly and has a history of bouncebacks. Therefore, considering the present market conditions, it would not be wrong to say that Crypto markets are set to grow this year. 

Where to invest smartly? 

When it comes to Crypto market investments, making intelligent and informed moves keeps you in the game. Small mistakes could cause significant setbacks in your portfolio; hence it is crucial to understand how different Cryptocurrencies are expected to perform at a specific time.

In the past few years, we have seen the emergence of many cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin and Ethereum. Diversifying the investment into different cryptocurrencies can not only help in managing risk but also stabilize the growth. Considering this, it is advisable to stick to the promising currencies when in the future with smart investments. Here are three profitable Cryptocurrencies to invest in in 2022.


Bitcoin is the oldest player in the game, though it has seen a decline in value this year. Its sheer presence promises there could be a significant rise by the end of 2022, making it the most popular option to invest in. Bitcoin holds a large market cap globally, creating a more stable environment for beginners and experts alike. 


Ethereum is the second most popular currency in 2022 after bitcoin, and it was initially invented to facilitate digital contracts and transactions using blockchain. This also serves as a base for several digital tokens that are part of an Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Owing to its growing popularity, Ethereum remains a wise option to invest in in 2022.


While the meme culture is taking over the internet, Dogecoin has capitalized on this to create a digital token that has interested many investors. It has been successful in the past year with consistent interest from investors across various sectors. It was wildly trending from a single tweet from Elon musk. It has been proven in terms of investors’ expectations with a gain of over 1%. Investing in Dogecoin can be considered a good choice for investors looking to hold their investments until the end of 2022.

Looking at the factors above, it can be difficult to predict long-term gains from Crypto markets. However, with growing regulations, a structured framework and inclusion of Crypto in mainstream transactions can boost the value of Cryptocurrencies. The users are provided with valuable information about cryptocurrencies through blogs and news articles written by Crypto experts. 

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