…after years of being an autumn gal

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I was previously a self-confessed summer dressing hater. If I really boiled it down it was due to two main reasons. One – I sweated. Like A LOT. Like ‘sweat-patches all over’ a lot. That alone can make summer dressing tricky. Combine that with reason number two – the psoriasis that previously covered my legs and now covers my whole body – and it’s not a great recipe for warm weather outfits. Weirdly this year things have shifted. I now seem to sweat less (perhaps a post-baby thing?), but my psoriasis has gone into overdrive and though I used to be able to cover it up by wearing trousers all year round, I can’t really hide it these days and that’s meant I’ve adopted more of a ‘WHO ACTUALLY CARES?’ approach. Skirts and shorts – you’re finally welcome.

This mindset shift, combined with adding a few pieces into my wardrobe, has been a game-changer and this summer dressing grouch is actually excited to get ready every morning. WHO AM I?! Here are the five items that have been the workhorses in my wardrobe this season so far…


Now I’m talking a light knit here, so nothing *too* thick. But a thin buttoned-up loose knit in a waistcoat style has been my number-one most reached for top since I bought it. With jeans? Fab. Unbuttoned a bit with a silky skirt? Chic. Shorts? Looks great too. There genuinely isn’t anything it doesn’t look good with. I have the MANGO Oversized Fine-Knit Cardigan*, which went into the sale and seems to have disappeared from the shelves, but this one* looks exactly the same, just in a different colour.



I’ve had silky midi skirts previously but only ever in a leopard print style, which of course I will always have a special space in my heart for – but I felt like this summer I fancied something a bit simpler. So right at the start I purchased the DISSH Bobby Pearl Satin Bias Cut Skirt*. Worn up over the hips it falls to just above my ankle, but it can be worn on the hips if you’d prefer a longer length (I’d recommend sizing up if you plan on doing that for a more comfortable fit). It’s out of stock in the pearl, but in stock in the stone*. I cannot believe how much I’ve worn this! Of course it’s been something I’ve reached for when I’m going out in an evening, but it’s also lush with a flip flop and a thicker knit on windy days down by the coast. Truly a staple piece in my wardrobe.



I actually had a pretty good pair of shorts from last summer – the RE/DONE Frayed 70’s* style. But sadly they no longer fitted and denim shorts are allll about the fit. I like mine high-waist, but not too tight so you can comfortably sit down in them, long enough in the gusset but still on the short side and for the leg to flare slightly – I just find that’s the most flattering shape on me. So I went on a hunt and found that it’s the AGOLDE Parker Long Shorts* that ticked every single box for me. I now own the darker denim* (oddly in a size smaller than my usual size in AGOLDE – something to note), and the lighter wash* and I feel like they fill the denim short quota in my wardrobe.



I know how many of you are excited to see the back of the ‘Dad sandal’ look. HA! And although I can’t ever rule out their return, this summer I’ve favoured a daintier sandal which I feel like has steered by style away from that slightly sportier look and onto something that feels a bit more refined. Heading up this change are the Emme Parsons Bari Sandals*. Originally seen on Angie Smith I snapped them up immediately and can vouch for how comfortable they are to wear. Like extremely so. I was missing a ‘slip on and go’ chic sandal and these have filled that spot so perfectly. I know I’ll be sad to pack them away at the end of the summer.



I’d been eyeing up the St Agni Bagu Woven Tote for YEARS at this point (I totally blame Lizzy Hadfield for that!). I didn’t really own much in the ‘summer bag‘ category aside from a gigantic raffia bag, that was fab for travel but a little too cumbersome for day to day. So I bought it and I’m so beyond happy that I did. It’s big enough for me to trek up to London with everything I need in it – including an iPad and water bottle – but it feels chic enough for a dinner out too. Because it’s a deep brown I feel like it will be something that I’ll be able to wear ‘out of season’ too. It’s pricey (especially with duties and taxes included), but if you’re looking for a dupe your best bet is Dragon Diffusion* (I’d say that Matches have the best range), and remember that it’s woven leather, so it’s made to last.