jamie foxx

  • Jamie Foxx is a beloved, critically-acclaimed actor and rapper, known for movies like ‘Ray’ and ‘Django Unchained.’
  • Most recently, he’s been dating Alyce Huckstepp.
  • Jamie and Alyce were seen holding hands in Mexico on Sep. 4, 2023.

Jamie Foxx has reportedly been dating Alyce Huckstepp. The 55-year-old actor has been spotted out and about with his reported girlfriend on a handful of recent occasions. Most recently, the pair were seen holding hands in Cabo San Lucas, during a Labor Day weekend getaway. The two looked very happy in the new photos, which you can see here, via Page Six. 

While Jamie has been rumored to be in a few high profile relationships over the years, he mostly keeps his personal life private, but he is a dad to two adult daughters: Corinne Foxx, 29, and Anelise Bishop, 14, who he shares with two separate exes.

HollywoodLife has gathered all the details to know about Jamie and Alyce here!

Jamie has been spotted with Alyce on a few recent occasions. (Richard Young/Shutterstock)

Alyce and Jamie have kept their relationship very private.

Neither Jamie nor Alyce have publicly spoken about their romance, but they’ve been seen together a number of times. While it’s not exactly clear how long they’ve been together, one report from DailyMail claims that they’ve been together for about 2 years, but it’s not entirely clear when they started seeing one another.

She enjoys jetskiing

While they haven’t publicly spoken about their relationship, Jamie and Alyce have been seen out and about on romantic outings on a few occasions. One of their earliest sightings was when they were seen on a yacht vacation in the French Riviera in May 2023. The pair were spotted kissing while riding around Cannes and were also seen riding a jetski together, per Page Six.

They reportedly traveled together after his medical complications

While he seems to be doing really well now, Jamie did have a bit of a health scare earlier in 2023. While it’s still not clear what happened, Jamie was hospitalized for a matter of weeks, and he was out of the public eye for quite some time. There were some reports that the Ray star and Alyce had traveled shortly after his health issues in April 2023, per The Sun.

She doesn’t appear to have social media

In addition to keeping very private, Alyce does not appear to have any social media of her own. While Jamie is relatively active on his Instagram, she does not appear to have a public account on the social media site.

They’ve rocked matching outfits

During their Cabo vacation, both Jamie and Alyce showed a fondness for black outfits. The pair were spotted holding hands and they each sported long-sleeve black tops with matching pants While the designs were different, each also had white lettering or drawings on their clothes, via DailyMail.