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Which non-car-focused movie has the best cars?

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That Fast and Furious series is fantastic: It brings together ridiculous stunts, exotic locations and a loose story, all held together by the family message. It’s funny what you do not like. Oh, and there are some incredible cars through the 10 movies we’ve had so far.

Although the series is packed with American muscle cars, Japanese import machines and even a great Ford Escort, it’s not only car crazy movies that can have some great machines on display. So what about the movies and TV shows that are not centered around cars, which of them have surprisingly good cars?

That’s what we’re looking for today. We want to know which non-car-focused movies and TV series have the best cars in them?

The obvious choices to run for are iconic movies like Back to the Future, any James Bond movie or one of the countless Batman movies. All of these movies have some of the most iconic cars on display ever as an integral character in their plot.

But if you take a step back from the flick that puts a car in front and in the middle, and think of the movies or TV series that have a surprising number of great looking cars as decorations, what can you come up with?

The white Lamborghini Countach from Wolf of Wall Street comes to mind, and so does Lady Penelope’s pink Rolls Royce Thunderbirds. Or what about the Bluesmobile from Blues Brothers, and who can forget the Ferrari California from Ferris Bueller’s day off?

What other suggestions do you have for amazing on-screen vehicles from movies that are not actually about cars? Tell us in the comments below and we’ll gather the best suggestions later today.


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