What Makes Avocado a Weight-Loss Friendly Food?

Whether it’s smoothies, toast, salad, or to make a healthy dip – there’s a versatile ingredient that you can add to a variety of dishes and have as breakfast, lunch, and dinner without guilt. Research studies support the health benefits associated with avocado, most prominent being its ability to lower bad cholesterol (LDL) and being a heart-friendly food. Though avocado has a high fat content, it’s all “good fat,” with anti-inflammatory properties known to benefit conditions like osteoporosis. Individuals who fear everything with “fat” in it, need to know that vitamins like A, D, E, and K are fat soluble and need optimum amount of fat in the body for proper absorption. So, it’s essential to have some amount of healthy fat in your diet to make sure your body does not get deficient in these vitamins, and avocado is a good source of such fats. So, avocado, at the outset, is an amazing food for your health, but it has weight-loss friendly properties too. Let’s find out what makes avocado a good food to achieve your weight loss goals.

What Makes Avocado a Weight Loss Friendly Food

1. High in Fiber:

Fiber is crucial for weight loss because it makes you feel fuller for longer, helping you eat fewer calories overall. Fiber also slows digestion, stabilizes blood sugar levels, reduces overall calorie absorption, and supports a healthy gut, all of which help to achieve your weight loss goals.

2. Has Healthy Fats Like Monounsaturated Fats:

As we have mentioned above, healthy fats are needed for the proper absorption of vitamins like A, D, E, K. Studies have shown that a deficiency of vitamin D is linked to increase in belly fat. There’s also some research that shows that oleic acid (found in avocado), can prevent obesity and target belly fat! The healthy fat content in avocado also increases feeling of fullness, improve insulin sensitivity, reduce inflammation, helping prevent overeating and reduce overall calorie intake. Also read: “10 Foods with Healthy Fats That Help with Weight Loss.”

3. It’s a Nutrient-Dense Food:

Do you know magnesium deficiency can increase your cravings for sugar? Also, a strong craving for chocolate can be because of vitamin B and copper deficiencies. Here’s how avocado can help you control these cravings. Loaded with nutrients, protein, vitamin C, vitamin E, K, B vitamins (B2, B3, B5, B6), folate, magnesium, potassium, copper, manganese, it can help keep a tabs on sugar cravings and boost metabolism at the same time. Also read: “10 High-Protein Breakfast Ideas For Weight Loss.”

4. It’s a Powerhouse of Antioxidants:

Apart from being a good source of vitamin E, avocado also has other powerful antioxidants like glutathione, beta-carotene, and polyphenols which fight free radicals, reduce cellular damage, and fights inflammation. Research has shown chronic inflammation can be one of the reasons behind weight gain, so improving your diet and including antioxidants through food can be a major step towards weight loss.

5. Helps Curb Appetite:

Avocado is a natural appetite suppressant with its healthy fat and fiber content, slowing down the digestion, keeping you full for longer hours. With its low GI value, it does not spike up insulin either. All these factors increase meal satisfaction and boost your weight loss efforts.

Summing up, though avocado is a weight-loss food, it’s not a magic bullet to burn fat and achieve your weight loss goals. You have to be on the right kind of diet combined with regular physical activity, and healthy lifestyle changes. You can find such diet plans on the Rati Beauty diet. Download the Rati Beauty app to access all our diet plans to lose weight fast.

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