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What Is The Best Size For A Sauna? How Big Should A Sauna Be? The Basics

Many people always assume that a bigger sauna is always better. And, while sometimes it holds true that “bigger is better”, this is not always the case. I’ll therefore explore how to determine the best size for a sauna for you – we’ve got 20 years of experience in infrared saunas and offer the best infrared sauna uk options.

So here are three most important questions you may want to ask yourself:

Question 1: How Many People Will Use The Sauna?

If you’re using a sauna alone most of the time, you don’t need a big model. Only if you’d regularly enjoy a sauna session with your spouse or invite friends or colleagues over to enjoy a session together would I recommend opting for a 2-person sauna or bigger.

The biggest models that we offer – for the customer market – have sufficient size for four or five persons to enjoy the sauna. But, as stated before, you’ll only need that size if you’re going to use it – otherwise it’s like buying a station wagon or pickup truck even though you’re only using the car to go from A to B. 

But, next to size other considerations exist as well:

Question 2: How Will You Use The Sauna?

Sure, a 1-person sauna is great if you’re only sitting inside the sauna. But, some people have their own routine and will exercise with a kettlebell or do yoga in an infrared sauna. Other people meditate inside a sauna and some will even practice their dancing.

In such cases, even though you’re a single individual, you might want a bigger model. It’s best to know the answer to this question before you will buy a sauna, as the choice is irreversible. Once you buy a sauna that’s too small for your goals – which often happens if people want to engage in activity inside their sauna – you can no longer go back.

Lastly, there’s one more very important question to ask yourself:

Question 3: What Quality Do You Strive For And What’s Your Budget?

Generally, higher-quality products cost more. So, if you’re selecting a sauna with Canadian cedar wood, you’re going to pay more than if you’re opting for less expensive wood types.

And, other factors also determine the quality of your sauna sessions. For instance, we offer saunas that have minimised the amount of Electro-Magnetic Fields (EMFs) you’re exposed to to the maximum extent. Also, we offer premium-quality heater types that expose your body to the ultimate combination of different types of infrared light.

You can imagine that equipping a sauna with the best and latest technology is going to be costlier than opting for a budget product. And, usually, you get what you pay for in the industry.

So, it’s important to know your budget and how much you’re willing to spend. Sometimes people aren’t willing to spend more than several thousand GBP. In that case, we also offer less expensive options such as our portable sauna that’s ideal for a small apartment.

Our vision on this topic is to see a sauna as an investment. Many times, people are better off if they simply save some more money for longer, and then buy a quality model. Our residential saunas are paired with lifetime warranty, and truly built to last a lifetime. So think well about your budget as more considerations enter the equation than people originally think.

Conclusion: The Ideal Sauna Size

Hopefully, I’ve convinced you that asking yourself a few questions before getting a sauna is sound policy. The most basic questions are how many people will use the sauna, what they will do inside that sauna, and whether your budget can match your expectations. By asking yourself these questions, you avoid the most common pitfalls and are less prone to make a buying mistake.

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