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We have recently seen how the economic and financial scenario has been giving a slight change compared to the first months of the year, which has undoubtedly caused an impact on cryptocurrencies.  If you are planning to invest in bitcoin learn how to trade crypto.

Digital Market Overview

Bitcoin prices have shown a slight recovery that, although it has exceeded the value of its last floor zone, has even managed to touch USD 23,680, a deal that has been difficult to reach but which seems to be the value that it can generate either a rebound or a new bullish phase.  

Although no one expected it, Bitcoin has reached such low levels that it has left many short investors out of the market since the fear of losing everything has prompted them to leave what was once the investment of funds immediately save for many users.

The volatility of Bitcoin has made its own, although not in excessive proportions, but significant, increasing the supply of Bitcoin and decreasing the demand notably.

All these movements have only left investors with a feeling of relief, whereas even the stock market has also benefited; all this conglomerate of actions contributes to the improvement of investments and perhaps a better mentality regarding the positions of the traders.

Inflation has become, since November 2021, the monster of horror movies with which the fight does not seem to end.

Although a few weeks of gains have been seen even in the lows of Bitcoin, the United States equities have closed with gains by generating positive opportunities for the companies that make up the traditional American financial market.

It seems to be generating a kind of domino effect in terms of the improvement of the global financial market, where Asia and Europe have also seen the evolution of their needs, which opens the doors to risk assets such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies since the increased the investment desire of the participants.

During this year, a correlation has been generated between the market of technology companies and their actions with the digital financial market of cryptocurrencies. When a downward trend develops in either of the two, the other is automatically affected and vice versa if the case is the rise.

What is the position of investors?

Most long-term investors, known as institutional investors or whales, are waiting for a price breakout that will allow them to decide when to make the perfect entry in buying Bitcoin.

The negative moods regarding the financial market have subsided. Therefore, it is time to consider the possibility that some investors are evaluating investing in digital assets, which assume much higher profits despite having a higher risk.

The various circumstances, such as the rise in the dollar and the drop in fuel prices, have increased crypto investment intentions.

Trust, as it happens in everyday life, is built little by little, which is why, in the case of the digital financial market, crypto assets with firm and progressive steps have managed to capture the attention of many of the followers of investments in stock markets.

Digital market turmoil is a good sign.

The positive movements of the price of Bitcoin have caused a calm in the spirit of the sale of digital currencies after the collapse of Terra and the excessive amount of liquidations of crypto assets by the exchange platforms.

Many analysts of the digital financial market usually consider the option that Bitcoin is closing a rather complicated bearish phase to give way to a new stage of capitalization, where more than one should be attentive to obtain the beneficial entry that will generate profits in the future.

The estimated valuations of Bitcoin for the end of 2021 are impossible to generate today, but, as everything can happen in the financial market, Bitcoin is not exempt from the fact that it may decrease a little more before seeing an upward rebound.

According to the valuations, Bitcoin could decrease again a little to create the necessary correction, thus strengthening itself above the resistance level and making a new historical maximum between USD 28,000 or USD 30,000.


Market conditions favor Bitcoin, which is why, if they take advantage of the opportunity, investors could be signing up for the list of new active wallets to invest in and, in the short or long term, obtain the expected benefits. 

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