Wealth Guide: Pre-construction tips for buyers! Must check these details to ensure the quality of your new home

Building a house is a dream that almost everyone has. On the other hand, building your own home is no easy task. There are a number of details that must be investigated. However, no construction project can begin until all necessary legal pre-construction activities have been completed. This pre-construction process is a little difficult, but it ensures that your home or building is legally sound. Nidhi Aggarwal, Founder, Space Mantra, suggests major steps you must follow as a buyer to check the construction quality of your new home.

Tip – 1: Site control requires legal land clearance

“Before beginning any construction process, the primary goal is to acquire the entire site. Complete all legal processes that define you as the site owner or give you legal control over the site. Most financing sources will not release funds unless and until you have site control: ie property card, land demarcations, title and search report, all mutation entries (ferfar), society allotment letter, sale deed, and so on,” Nidhi Aggarwal said.

Tip – 2: Obtain project funding

“No project can be successful if the finances are inadequate. So, before you begin any construction processes, ensure you have solid financing. Numerous banks provide construction and other types of financing for a single project. Because not all pre-constructional planning phases are sequential, the department of financing must remain vigilant because anything can happen at any time,” she suggested.

Tip – 3: Architectural construction documents and approvals

“Third-party approvals are essential before beginning any pre-construction activity because construction cannot begin without approval from the local planning authority. In general, your project will be reviewed by three major parties:

– Approval plans and construction drawings

– Construction team and licenses (contractor, architect, plumber, structural engineer) – Assurance of health and safety

– Precautions to be taken during construction – Local building codes,” she added.

Tip – 4: Clearance of the site and installation of safety measures

“To begin construction, the building footprint and a 2m surrounding space should be cleared on site. The approach road to the construction site should be cleared so that construction equipment and trucks carrying building materials can easily access the site. Any accident on the job site can result in a legal stay. As a result, appropriate labor safety measures must be implemented,” she explained.

Tip – 5: Prepare a Specific Project Management Plan

“As you progress by finalizing the project’s various components, you must invest time in tailoring elite project management practices and plans to execute it. If you want to keep your project on track, your team needs to understand the plan and be prepared to deliver it efficiently,” she concluded.

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