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Watch: A Killer Microwave Horror Comedy Short ‘Ding… You’re Dead’

Watch: A Killer Microwave Horror Comedy Short ‘Ding… You’re Dead’

by Alex Billington
March 24, 2023
Source: YouTube

Ding You're Dead Horror Short

Here’s a fun concept for a horror movie: what if the killer was… a microwave?! This short film from director Jay Salahi premiered a few years ago, but we’re just catching up with it. Ding… You’re Dead follows a negligent house sitter who is unknowingly stalked by a malevolent flesh-eating microwave. Salahi describes it as a “5-min Sam Raimi inspired Killer Microwave short. We use practical effects to suck someone through a microwave!” Inspired by all the fun B Horror / sci-fi films of the early ’80s. Filmmaker Dan Trachtenberg watched it and praised it already, saying it’s “super fun and REALLY well done.” The short stars Trevor Larson, and a demonic microwave. I’m a big fan of throwback horror referencing the make-it-from-scratch mentality of the 80s, when they’d build any crazy idea practically to make it look awesome on screen. Enjoy.

Ding... You're Dead Short Film

Thanks to Jay on Twitter for the tip on this short film. Brief description from YouTube: “A negligent house sitter is unknowingly stalked by a malevolent flesh-eating microwave!” Ding… You’re Dead is both written and directed by the up-and-coming Los Angeles-based filmmaker Jay Salahi – you can also follow him on Twitter @JaySalahi or on IG @jaysalahi. He recently directed the comedy film Northwood Pie, which is now available to watch everywhere. Produced by Carlos E. Uribe and Jay Salahi. Featuring cinematography by Raquel Gallego, and music by Mattan Cohen. With practical FX / ADR by AJ Hamilton, and VFX by George Moise. Filmed on Sony FS7. The short originally premiered at numerous genre festivals back in 2019. For more info on the short, visit the film’s official website. To discover more shorts, click here. So how was that?

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