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Walmart just announced its next Black Friday PlayStation 5 restock, and it’s happening tomorrow

Sony PlayStation 5 God of War Ragnarok bundle


If you’ve been trying to find a PS5 for the holidays, you’re in luck: Walmart is going to restock the Sony PlayStation 5 on Monday, before Black Friday. Here’s what you need to know to get a PS5 this week.

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PlayStation 5 God of War Ragnarok bundle, $559

The Sony PlayStation 5 is one of the most wanted Christmas gifts of 2022. But even now, two years after its initial release, the popular gaming console is incredibly difficult to find in stock.

The good news is that it really is easier to score a PS5 console this year than it was last year. You just need to know where (and when) to look. And that’s where CBS Essentials comes in — we’ve spotted the next big PlayStation 5 restock, happening next week at Walmart.

When is Walmart’s next PS5 restock?

Walmart has announced three PlayStation 5 restocks during Black Friday week. The first happens on Monday, Nov. 21 at 12 p.m. EDT for Walmart+ members only. A second restock happens on Wednesday, Nov. 23 at 12 p.m. EDT — that one is available to all customers. And on Black Friday, Nov. 25, you can find the PlayStation 5 in stock at physical Walmart locations starting at 5 a.m. local time.

You can use the links below to head straight to the PS5 listings at Walmart.

Playstation 5 Digital Edition God of War Ragnarok bundle, $459

PlayStation 5 God of War Ragnarok bundle, $559

Your best shot at getting a PlayStation 5 next week will be during the Walmart+ member exclusive restock. In our experience, you’ll have ample time to score a PS5 so long as you’re at the Walmart website when the restock happens at noon. Of course, taking advantage of this restock will require you to be a paid Walmart+ member.

In addition to PS5 restock access, Walmart+ members get free two-day shipping, same-day delivery from your local store (where available), discounts on gas and early access to Walmart’s Black Friday deals. Walmart+ memberships cost $12.95 per month, or $98 per year; you can cancel anytime.

You can see all the sale items at Walmart Deals for Days, the company’s Black Friday sale, by tapping the button below.

Where to get a PlayStation 5 today



Where to get a PlayStation 5 today

If you want a PlayStation 5 console today, you can always check out StockX. Though the site is a third-party reseller, StockX authenticates PlayStation 5 consoles and offers some of the best third-party pricing around. Note, however, that you’ll have to pay a $100 premium or more over the console’s MSRP to buy one there.

Sony PlayStation 5 console (Blu-ray), $572

It’s possible that you’ll still be able to get a PS5 console at Best Buy or GameStop, even if you’re not willing to drop your hard-earned cash on a premium membership or third-party reseller offering. Your luck depends on checking frequently for the latest PlayStation 5 restock news — and on tapping those “check stock now” buttons to get lucky.

How to get exclusive early access to PS5 restocks

Walmart has restricted most of its PlayStation5 restocks to Walmart+ members. The service, which costs $98 per year or $12.95 per month, also offers free, same-day delivery from your local Walmart store (in some areas), member prices on gas (at participating stations) and money off on certain prescriptions. Walmart+ also now comes bundled with the ad-supported tier of the Paramount+ streaming service.

Walmart+ and Paramount+ bundle, $12.95 per month

Besides offering its members exclusive access to product launches and restocks, Best Buy Totaltech comes with a few other perks such as free two-day shipping and two-year product protection for all purchases. Members also get early access to other tech drops, such as hard-to-find graphics cards.

Best Buy Totaltech Membership (1 year), $199

Even GameStop has a premium membership that lets you skip to the front of the PS5 line: PowerUp Rewards Pro. That membership costs $15 a year, though it does offer a $10 reward on signup, plus a $5 credit to spend every month. PowerUp Rewards Pro members also get 2% back in rewards.

GameStop PowerUp Rewards Pro (1 year), $14.99

The latest PlayStation 5 restock information

Here’s the latest news about PS5 restocks happening across the internet at Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy and other retailers.

PS5 at Walmart 

PlayStation 5 console

Sony via Walmart

Walmart’s next restock is Monday, Nov. 21. Several previous restocks have been limited to Walmart+ members, and this one is no different. The units generally sell out quickly, so you’ll want to set a timer and be sure to refresh the Walmart website the minute new stock appears. You can sign up for Walmart+ now to prepare for the next restock event (and enjoy other membership perks including Paramount+)

Otherwise, you can try tapping the “check stock now” buttons below to try and catch a surprise restock. Walmart is only selling the PS5 online.

Sony PlayStation 5 console (Blu-ray), $500

Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, $400

PS5 at StockX (in stock now)


Sony via StockX

StockX is a place where you can buy and sell hard-to-find items like limited-edition streetwear, sneakers — and consoles, such as the PlayStation 5. (StockX verifies the authenticity of every item.)

If you’re OK with buying a PS5 from a third-party reseller, StockX is the way to go — it’s where markups on the PS5 are lowest. Resale prices on StockX have come down somewhat since the holiday season (and are subject to frequent change).

Sony PlayStation 5 console (Blu-ray), $595

Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, $562

PS5 at Best Buy

Best Buy PS5

Sony via Best Buy

When the Best Buy releases a cache of PS5 consoles, they sell out almost immediately. You can use the button below to check the current stock of PS5s — you never know when there will be a surprise restock. The store has the Blu-ray console listed for $500 and the PS5 Digital Edition priced at $400. A number of PS5 bundles are available at Best Buy as well (when in stock).

Sony PlayStation 5 console (Blu-ray), $500

Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, $400

PS5 at Amazon


Sony via Amazon

Amazon has been utilizing an invitation-only approach for their next PS5 restock. The next wave of invites is scheduled to go out on Nov. 11 for the console as well as the Horizon Forbidden West PS5 bundle and PlayStation 5 console bundled with God of War: Ragnarok.

You can request an invitation on Amazon’s PS5 page, though the retailer does warn that due to high demand not all requests will be granted. Amazon states that this approach is being taken to allow as many genuine customers as possible to buy the PS5 this holiday season.

Sony PlayStation 5 console (Blu-ray), $500

Sony PlayStation 5 Digital Edition, $400

Sony Playstation 5 Horizon Forbidden West bundle, $550

PS5 at GameStop


Sony via Gamestop

GameStop has been releasing a limited number of consoles online through in-store events. The consoles are often sold as part of bundles. The retailer typically restocks the PS5 once a month, generally on a weekend.

One thing to note if you’re hoping to participate in the next GameStop restock is that the console bundles were made available to Pro members a day before everyone else got a chance to buy them during the last restock. At only $15 per year, it is one of the cheaper retailer membership programs and may give you early access to the PS5 next month.

PS5 at Target


Sony via Target

While many retailers build up inventory and release it all on sporadic restock days, Target will now allow shoppers to buy the PS5 as soon as individual stores receive inventory. This makes tracking restocks a bit more difficult, but it may make them more regularly available in-store.

Your best bet is to stay on top of checking your local store’s inventory. Use the Target app or website to check inventory at surrounding stores. Inventory information is usually updated in the mornings. If you find an available PS5 unit, it’s best to reserve it immediately for in-store pickup.

PlayStation Direct

PlayStation 5


On PlayStation.com, you can register for an opportunity to purchase a PS5 directly from Sony. When a run of consoles becomes available, Sony emails the next batch of shoppers in the queue with private links to purchase. The site does not currently offer a timeline for when the next batch of invitation links will be sent out. 

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