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Violent Crime on CTA Sparks Concerns Among Activists, Riders – NBC Chicago

Some people in Chicago are expressing concerns over crime on the CTA after a man died after being found unresponsive at a Blue Line station Saturday.

One rider, Crystal Raygoza, says she takes CTA buses on a regular basis, but only because they need to.

“…But I definitely don’t feel safe,” said Raygoza.

“More needs to be done,” said Tracey, another CTA rider.

Community activists gathered in Chinatown Sunday to echo those concerns that “more needs to be done” and asked for better safety on buses and trains as well as at platforms and stations.

“We are like, ‘Where are the resources going?’ We need more police saturated on these platforms. We need a beat cop to walk down these platforms to show presence,” said activist Raul Montes Jr.

“If they could bring security or police officers in every station so we can feel secure,” Raygoza said.

The demands come after violent incidents in recent weeks, including a shooting on a bus in Chatham and a stabbing on a train in Lake View East.

“People are getting shot, people are getting stabbed – this is out of control,” Montes Jr. said. “The carnage continues throughout the city of Chicago. We are sick of this.”

Saturday morning, a man was found unconscious around 4:00 a.m. on a stairwell at the LaSalle Street Blue Line Station in the Loop. The man, who was 54 years old, was taken to an area hospital where he was pronounced dead.

“I was very concerned. I am trying to reduce my trips going on train because of that,” said Raygoza.

Chicago Police have increased patrols on CTA trains over the past year.

Police say one person was in custody and being questioned in connection with the man’s death. The CTA said the incident involves a CTA employee, but didn’t elaborate on how they are involved.

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