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Tyrese Haliburton is dishing his way to the All-Star team

Last week Tyrese Haliburton was Player of the Week. He’s pushing for even more.

Haliburton had 15 assists — and zero turnovers — in Indiana’s win over the Brooklyn Nets, 128-117. It’s his fourth straight game with 14 or more assists and his eighth double-digit assist game in the last nine contests. Haliburton is leading the NBA in assists by a wide margin over second-place Trae Young (11.1 per game to 9.1).

What sets Haliburton apart is both the volume and the quality of his assists. He’s also ahead in assist points created, a stat that tracks exactly how many points a player’s passes lead to. Haliburton is creating 29.6 points per game with assists, along with his 19.9 points per game as a scorer. The reason it’s so high is that Haliburton has a knack for getting his teammates good looks from three-point range. Indiana has gone from 16th in the league in three-pointers to third, and a big part of that is Haliburton’s court vision.

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