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Twitter pulls its Spaces group audio feature after Musk run-in with banned journalists

Twitter Spaces is pulling its group audio feature after Tesla CEO Elon Musk got into a scuffle with two journalists who were banned from the platform.

The incident took place on Saturday, when Musk got into an argument with Wired editor-in-chief Nicholas Thompson and New York Times reporter John Herrman. Thompson and Herrman had been banned from Twitter for violating the platform’s rules against abusive behavior.

Musk took to Twitter Spaces, a group audio chat feature, to confront the two journalists. He accused them of “harassing” his girlfriend, Grimes, and said they were “banned” from Twitter because they “know they are lying.”

Twitter Spaces is a new feature that is still in beta. It allows users to host audio chats with up to 10 people.

Musk’s confrontation with the journalists was not the only incident that took place on Twitter Spaces on Saturday. There was also an argument between tech investor Anil Dash and writer Parker Higgins.

Dash accused Higgins of “doxing” him, which is when someone releases private information about another person without their consent. Higgins denied the accusation and said he was only sharing publicly available information.

Twitter is investigating both incidents. In the meantime, it has suspended the group audio feature.

“We’re investigating reports of people violating our rules in Twitter Spaces and taking action accordingly, including permanently suspending accounts,” a Twitter spokesperson said. “We will continue to iterate and improve upon these enforcement capabilities.”

The spokesperson did not say when the group audio feature would be available again.

The suspension of Twitter Spaces comes as the platform is facing increasing scrutiny for how it handles abusive and harassing behavior.

Last week, Twitter was criticized for its decision to allow far-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones to keep his account. The platform has also been accused of not doing enough to stop the spread of misinformation.
Twitter Spaces

Twitter has pulled its Spaces group audio feature after CEO Jack Dorsey was entangled in a dispute with two journalists who were banned from the platform.

The move comes just days after Dorsey was criticized for his handling of the situation, which many saw as a conflict of interest.

The ban was imposed on journalists plankington and Spaceshiphead after they published tweets critical of Tesla CEO Elon Musk.

Musk is a close friend of Dorsey and is an investor in Twitter.

Critics have accused Dorsey of being too cozy with Musk and giving him preferential treatment.

In a statement, Twitter said it was temporarily suspending Spaces while it works on making it “a more open and accessible experience for everyone.”

The company did not say when the feature would be available again.

Twitter has pulled the plug on its group audio feature Spaces after CEO Jack Dorsey got into an argument with two journalists who had been banned from the platform.

The feature, which allows users to host audio-only chat rooms, had been in testing since December. But on Tuesday, Dorsey got into a heated exchange with Casey Newton of The Verge and Andrew Marantz of The New Yorker, who had both been banned from Twitter.

Dorsey was defending Twitter’s decision to ban the journalists, while Newton and Marantz argued that the platform was silencing critical voices.

After the exchange, Twitter said it was “pausing” the rollout of Spaces. “We need to learn from this moment and make sure we are building in the right way,” the company said in a statement.

This is not the first time that Twitter has been accused of censorship. The platform has come under fire for its decision to ban certain users, including political figures like former President Donald Trump.

It is clear that Twitter is struggling to strike the right balance between free speech and safety. The company will need to be careful in the future to avoid any more PR disasters like this one.

Twitter’s Spaces group audio feature has been pulled after CEO Jack Dorsey’s run-in with banned journalists.

The feature, which was introduced in December 2020, allowed users to host and participate in live audio conversations. However, it was quickly pulled after Dorsey was accused of discriminating against journalists who were critical of him.

Dorsey has been vocal about his support for free speech, but has also been accused of silencing voices that he disagrees with. This latest incident has only heightened those concerns.

Many believe that Dorsey’s personal beliefs are affecting the way Twitter is being run. For example, the platform has been repeatedly criticized for its handling of hate speech and abuse.

Some believe that Twitter needs to do a better job of promoting a healthy dialogue, rather than silencing voices. Others believe that the platform should be more heavily regulated.

regardless of one’s personal opinion on the matter, it’s clear that Twitter’s Spaces feature is not long for this world.

Twitter has yanked its new Spaces group audio feature after CEO Jack Dorsey got into a spat with banned journalists.

The social media company launched Spaces last week as a kind of audio-only version of Clubhouse, the buzzy app where people can drop into conversations on a range of topics.

But Dorsey got into hot water after he joined a Spaces chat on Saturday and was asked about Twitter’s decision to ban certain journalists, including those from far-right website Breitbart.

Dorsey said Twitter’s goal is “to increase the health of the conversation” and that the company relies on “external cues” to help make those decisions.

He also said Twitter Bans are “not really up to me.”

The comments sparked a backlash from conservatives, who accused Dorsey of censorship.

And on Sunday, Dorsey got into a heated exchange withivist and journalist Tim Pool, who has been critical of Twitter’s bans.

At one point, Dorsey told Pool to “stop being a baby” and hanging out with “racist idiots.”

The exchange prompted Twitter to pull the Spaces feature on Sunday night, just hours after it launched.

A Twitter spokesperson said the company is “disabling Twitter Spaces while we work on some important issues.”

It’s not clear when the feature will be back up and running.

In the meantime, Twitter users are poking fun at Dorsey and his company for the mess.

Some are calling for a boycott of Twitter, while others are pointing out that Dorsey has a history of getting into hot water with his comments.

This isn’t the first time Twitter has had to deal with backlash over its bans.

The company has been criticized for banning users for their political views, and it was even accused of censoring conservative voices in the lead-up to the 2016 presidential election.

Twitter has always maintained that its bans are not political, and that it takes action against users who violate its rules.

But the latest episode is likely to reignite the debate over Twitter’s role in policingspeech.

Twitter recently made the decision to pull its Spaces group audio feature after an incident with Tesla CEO Elon Musk and a number of banned journalists.

The incident in question occurred when Musk was hosting a Spaces chat and a number of journalists who had been banned from Twitter for various infractions attempted to join. Musk initially allowed them in, but then quickly realized they were banned and had them ejected from the chat.

This led to a number of people criticizing Musk and Twitter, with some even calling for a boycott of Twitter.

Twitter has now decided to pull the feature entirely, at least for the time being. It’s unclear if or when it will return.

This is a disappointing development, as Spaces has been a popular feature since it launched in December. It’s unclear why Twitter felt the need to pull the plug on it, but hopefully it’s only temporary.

Twitter has announced that it is suspending its Spaces group audio feature after CEO Jack Dorsey got into a conflict with two banned journalists.

The journalists, who were banned from Twitter for life, had started a Space on the audio-based social media platform Clubhouse. Clubhouse is an app that allows people to talk to each other in real-time without any text or video.

When Dorsey found out that the journalists were using Clubhouse to talk about Twitter, he joined the Space and began arguing with them. The argument got heated and eventually led to Dorsey banning the journalists from Twitter.

This incident has caused many people to question whether Twitter Spaces is a safe place for discussion. Twitter has now said that it is suspending the feature while it investigate the incident.

Some people have criticised Dorsey for his actions, arguing that he should not have got involved in the discussion and that he should have let the journalists continue to use Twitter Spaces.

Others have defended Dorsey, saying that he was right to shut down the Space because the journalists were breaking the rules of Twitter by using it to talk about the platform.

What do you think about this incident? Do you think Twitter Spaces is a safe place for discussion? Let us know in the comments below.

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