Tucker Carlson said that he’ll “never stop being grateful” for Elon Musk’s quick response to Fox News letting his executive producer go from the network in April.

The ex-Fox News host, who got canned by the network along with former “Tucker Carlson Tonight” executive producer Justin Wells, told Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy this week that the network dropped Wells “within four minutes” of his own surprise firing.

“He really didn’t do anything wrong. He was the best producer in all of television and everyone knew it,” declared Carlson during an interview for his X (formerly Twitter) show.

“And Fox has a lot of nice people, a lot of very incompetent people obviously running it. And he was one of the only competent people in the whole business but they fired him, too.”

Carlson went on to note that “within an hour” of the firing Musk called up Wells.

“And [he] said, ‘You should come to Twitter,’ so I’ll never stop being grateful for that,” the host said.

“We don’t work for Elon or anything, but we’re using the site just like everyone else uses it, which is a platform that’s not censored. And I’m super grateful for that.”

Musk has previously stated that he doesn’t have a deal “of any kind whatsoever” with the host, who announced that he’d bring a show to X in May.

He noted in May that Carlson would be “subject to the same rules & rewards of all content creators.” The host has since peddled conspiracy theories on Musk’s platform.

Elsewhere in the interview, Carlson – who has been accused of misogyny – directed sexist remarks at the company as one “run by fearful women” and proclaimed that he “got along with everybody” before his firing.

HuffPost didn’t immediately hear back from Fox News following a request for comment.

Head to the 43:06 mark in the clip below for the host’s comments on Wells.