Travis Barker Reveals What Makes Him & Kourtney Kardashian Similar

Travis Barker can count on Kourtney Kardashian.

“We’re very similar, with our backs to the wall,” he told in an interview for Billboard’s latest cover story. “We have no quit, and I need someone like that in my life.”

Indeed, whether she’s helping him remove his stitches or cheering him on at a show, the Poosh founder is always there for the blink-182 drummer (and vice versa). And in August, Kourtney helped Travis take a major step: traveling on his first flight since his 2008 plane crash. Travis and his friend Adam “DJ AM” Goldsteinwere the lone survivors of the crash, which killed four people (Goldstein died from an accidental drug overdose in 2009).

As Travis shared with Billboard, even in the aftermath of the deadly accident and his recovery from his third-degree burns, he never wanted to stop playing music. “I would’ve been forced to be done because I did not like to travel or I could not fly or leaving the house did not feel good at the time, but never inside was I thinking, ‘I hate playing the drums ‘or’ I hate making music ‘or’ I hate touring, ‘”he told the magazine. “It was more like, ‘F – k, how am I going to do this now?’ I remember talking to my therapist and he was like, ‘When is enough enough? You’ve done everything. You’ve played the Grammys,’ lists off the people I’ve collaborated with. And I’m like, ‘Yeah, I’m not done yet. ‘”

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