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Top 4 HHC Brands For Vape Cartridges On Sale

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We’ve come to a new dawn of cannabinoids. Cannabis is legal in many states, and some have certain limitations. In addition, the 2018 Farm Bill paved the way for farmers to raise, cultivate, and harvest hemp. FDA removed low-concentration (0.3%) THC from controlled substances.

With the shift in law also came many discoveries around cannabis-derived compounds – one of which is HHC or Hexahydrocannabinol, a compound from THC.

Demand for hemp has grown, and hemp products have expanded. Vaping is a common ingestion method because it is more convenient and discreet than smoking. Furthermore, HHC carts are more convenient and come in many flavors.

Users opt for HHC carts because of their fast-acting benefits, but the wrong choice of brand can ruin the experience. Harmful products have inaccurate labels, making them unsafe for consumption. Do you want to buy the best, harmless HHC carts? Read on to find which brands are reputable based on our extensive research.


Top 4 Best HHC Vape Cartridges of 2022:

  1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best HHC Vape Carts
  2. Hollyweed CBD – Hemp-Derived HHC Cartridges
  3. Delta Extrax – Most Potent HHC Cannabinoid of Hemp Market
  4. Artisan HHC Grape Ape – Most Relaxing HHC Vape Cartridges Online

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. Exhale Wellness – Overall Best HHC Vape Carts

In California, a group of cannabis pioneers got together to pursue holistic alternative medicine. Exhale Wellness’ creators thought there was a lack of organic cannabis in the hemp industry. The brand’s mission is to teach everyone that hemp and hemp products have medicinal properties. They believe that cannabis should be accessible to all. Hence, they don’t see profit as their driving force; instead, a body’s wellness and balance are what they want everyone to obtain.

Many customers have given Exhale Wellness positive reviews, and their website is straightforward to navigate – everything you need is in one place.

Their HHC carts come in three strains: Pineapple Express, Purple Space, and Sour Candy. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you enjoy the products from Exhale Wellness, you can choose to subscribe to monthly or bi-weekly shipments. Doing so will save you 25% off your purchase compared to purchasing a cart one-time.


  • Comprehensive Guide: Exhale Wellness’ site is complete with FAQs, guides, and blogs so that you are well informed about legal hemp products. Plus, they have a quiz to learn which product is good for you.
  • Superior Therapeutic Effects: Exhale Wellness HHC carts are worth your purchase. Although the company offers a money-back guarantee, we doubt you’ll ever return your orders. That is because satisfied customers claim that they felt relaxed, and some say that inhaling relieves their stress after a long day working.
  • Free Shipping: Orders sent with economy shipping-type are free of charge anywhere in the U.S. However, if you need your HHC carts right away, Exhale Wellness also offers paid shipping options. Just specify your preferred shipping choice upon checkout. They also have a tracking service for you to trace your order.
  • Pleasant Taste: Aside from various strains, Exhale Wellness also boasts enjoyable flavors. Using their HHC vape opens doors to a whole new world of flavor and feeling. Their flavors are also true to their labels.


  • Great customer service
  • GMO, dairy-free, and purely-organic
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Highly-potent
  • Strain-specific terpenes
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Free shipping


Customer Feedback
Depression, anxiety, and stress are common mental health issues. Using HHC carts made a majority of users feel eased, relaxed, and light. Other buyers are delighted that customer service assisted them with their purchasing issues. They also highlighted how the carts tasted awesome. On top of that, they liked Exhale Wellness’ all-natural ingredients.


#2. Hollyweed CBD – Hemp-Derived HHC Cartridges

Hollyweed CBD

In 2017, multimedia artist and cannabis advocate Zach “Jesushands” Fernandez changed the Hollywood sign to Hollyweed. He did this to celebrate California lifting cannabis restrictions. Hollyweed teamed up with the man behind the iconic sign to educate people on how CBD can help them. Today, Hollyweed still brings buzz to wellness enthusiasts with their top-notch CBD products. Hollyweed’s bestseller CBD flowers, gummies, and topicals also added delta-8 and HHC to their list of online goods.

Hollyweed’s brand-new inclusions to their HHC products are their HHC carts: namely, Candy Skies, Tropical Express, and Venice Haze. What we like about Hollyweed’s product overall is its minimalist packaging. The design is simple yet gives you everything you need to know about their product.


  • Customer-oriented Service: The best thing about Hollyweed CBD is they take care of their stakeholders. You can witness that by the reviews, even independent ones.
  • Transparency: Hollyweed provides unbiased and updated information. Third-party lab tests confirm how much CBD, THC, or HHC is in each product. Hollyweed has an informative blog to inform customers of everything they need to know about cannabinoids. They also offer quizzes to know which product is right for you.
  • Certified Pure: THC Tinctures inside Hollyweed’s HHC carts don’t contain additives such as MCT, VG, PG, or PEG oil. Their hemp is organically grown in Colorado, thus, free from pesticides. Ingredients used in HHC carts are purely plant-based – suitable for vegetarian and vegan consumers.
  • Pleasurable and Relaxing: Minutes after taking in vapor to the lungs, the feeling of balance, lightness, and euphoria will take over the consumer’s body. We highly recommend HHC carts for those who suffer from depression.


  • Non-GMO
  • U.S.-sourced hemp
  • Fruity favor
  • Safe
  • Organic HHC Extract
  • Third-party lab tested
  • Free shipping
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


Customer Feedback
Most of the comments applaud Hollyweed CBD for reliable customer service. Hollyweed assists customers in every way that they can. Moreso, a majority still loved the anxiolytic property of Hollyweed’s HHC carts.


#3. Delta Extrax – Most Potent HHC Cannabinoid of Hemp Market

Delta Extrax is part of Savage Enterprises, with headquarters in Irvine, California. Its CEO believes in thinking outside the box, and we feel that the brand Delta Extrax reflects its core values. Since Savage Enterprises was founded in 2015, people have loved their vape blends, and now that the company branches out to hemp products, they still provide customer satisfaction.

Delta Extrax assures its consumers of its safe, pure, and potent products. The company’s purpose is to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the user. To ensure this product quality, a third-party laboratory tests all the brand’s delta-8, delta-9, and delta-10 stocks.

Be wary, though, that even if the Farm Bill protects you as you consume hemp products, there are still Federal laws regulating hemp consumption. Because of the divided views of each state, Delta Extrax may be unavailable to 13 states such as Alaska, Michigan, Utah, and Washington.


  • Quality Innovation: Delta Extrax makes sure that their HHC carts adhere to quality control and standards. They keep developing ways to improve their products, not only inhalable products but edibles also. We witness it through their variety of collections like Euphoria and Zenergy. Our team highly recommends the Hydro and Ocho collection as they showcase the three new and best strains of HHC carts. We also recommend you to try their Hydro Bubbler with your HHC carts for a fresh experience.
  • Customer Satisfaction: Delta Extrax’s HHC carts have many positive customer reviews for their strong kick and flavor.
  • Smooth and Clean Effect: Inhaling Blue Widow does not give a harsh feeling; it takes you to wonderland slowly but surely. About five minutes after inhaling the vapor, it begins working. It wears off after about an hour. HHC eliminates negative moods and emotions and eventually gives you a feeling of creativity.
  • Strong and Potent: As Delta Extrax’s Hydro and Ocho collection give an intense drive, we recommend puffing only once for starters. If you have a high tolerance, you can go for two to three puffs. Blue Widow, Cherry Pie, and Straw Nanna will be the best options if you feel like your regular delta-8 is ineffective. If your purpose is to buy HHC carts for medicinal purposes, Delta Extrax’s carts are also suitable for that.


  • Cannabis-derived terpenes
  • Up-to-date blog and newsletters
  • Good flavor
  • Fast-acting effects
  • Third-party lab tested


  • No money-back guarantee
  • No free shipping

Customer Feedback
Reviews all over the internet point out that Delta Extrax provides what customers are looking for in their product. Some customers are regulars, and they said that Delta Extrax has never failed them. The website interface is straightforward, and orders arrive in a timely manner.

#4. DiamondCBD: Artisan HHC Grape Ape – Most Relaxing HHC Vape Cartridges Online

Artisan is a luxury product line under Diamond CBD, a well-known brand among cannabis consumers. Doctors and scientists pioneered a company that strives to produce only quality hemp-extracted cannabinoids, and Diamond CBD also considers sustainability to give back what nature has given us.

Meanwhile, Grape Ape is a strain crossbred from Mendocino Purps, Skunk, and Afghani. Apothecary Genetics grew this strain, and from then on, cultivators started to follow because of Grape Ape’s fruity taste with gas-like undertones. Since it is a Hybrid with an Indica-dominant strain, it is suitable for relaxation and pre-sleep routine.

Artisan adds Grape Ape as one of its diverse range of strains. Customers find this variant tasty and robust. In addition, vaping provides more benefits than smoking since carts contain distilled and concentrated oil.


  • Discounts and Offers: Diamond CBD gives tons of discounts and coupons. Artisan HHC carts are no exception. The moment you land on their product page, you’ll see a 35% discount offer. Diamond CBD frequently offers discounts of up to 70% on their website. Despite the many offers, you should note that you cannot simultaneously use two or more coupons on one product.
  • Tamper-proof Packaging: All Diamond CBD products, not only limited to the Artisan line, are packaged carefully to avoid getting damaged while shipping. Your orders will arrive at your doorstep boxed and sealed; plus, they come along with airtight shock-absorbing bags.
  • Rewards Program: Other than discounts, Diamond CBD has many reward programs worth mentioning. They have Silver, Gold, and Diamond tier for patrons with different point levels. You earn corresponding points with every activity, such as leaving a review worth 200 points. Refer a family or friend, and you save $40 off your purchase.
  • Effective Pain Relief: Being an Indica-dominant strain, Grape Ape has a good sedative effect for athletes. However, a word of advice is that hemp products are not a direct cure to illnesses as the best HHC vapes are still subject to FDA evaluation. Despite that, there’s no harm in trying alternative medicines as long as you consult your physician first before venturing into psychoactive products.


  • Less than 0.3% THC
  • Various strains to choose from
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Easy-to-use website
  • Free shipping on orders over $100
  • 30-day return policy
  • Third-party lab tested


Customer Reviews
Satisfied users claim that inhaling Grape Ape helped relieve them of anxiety and stress. HHC carts are perfect for insomnia as moderate consumption may improve the quality and length of sleep.


How We Chose the Best HHC Cartridges of 2022:

We ensured that we took the time and effort to create this list. Our research does not only involve customer reviews. We go in-depth and consider factors such as product ingredients as extra caution in selecting the right HHC Carts.

First, we rounded up several HHC Cartridge brands. Next, we researched the company history and where the cannabis is grown. Additionally, we looked at customer reviews. This helped us narrow down the list by rooting out the less-desirable brands.

Furthermore, we considered the availability of the different brands for ease of purchase.

When making our list, some essential factors influenced our decision, which are:

Results from independent laboratories provide reliable and unbiased information about product purity. Third-party lab tests assure consumers that the brand is true to its word – specifically, what is on the label. Some dubious companies cut costs by processing contaminated HHC oils in carts. The presence of foreign materials such as pesticides is harmful to humans, and it would be best if none of these elements were in your HHC carts.

The greatest myth about THC potency is that higher THC concentration results in greater intoxication. Based on a study conducted at the University of Colorado, researchers let two groups with different THC content consume cannabis flower, and they felt the same effects. The analysis excludes edibles (e.g., gummies) as they have an accurate dosage to effect ratio. Although there is a limited study about HHC, the study mentioned made us think we overlooked hemp and hemp-derived products. In the future, maybe this will also apply to HHC carts. For now, our only basis for HHC strength is through customer reviews.

There is little research on how Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid differ in their effects on users. Some claim that Sativa has a more stimulating effect while Indica has more relaxing properties, although researchers have contradictory claims about the strain effect. Experts strongly suggest that manufacturers should not generalize cannabis strains with only one use, and they should not name variants as they please. However, we cannot deny that connoisseurs prefer strains based on the users’ needs. We included strain variety on the list despite controversies because consumers can have freedom over effects, naturally occurring multiple flavor options, and strength-based on cannabis strain.


Buying Guide for Beginners – What You Need to Know Before Purchasing HHC Carts:

Dosage refers to how much HHC you intend to consume. In the case of HHC carts, the dosage is how many puffs you take. Strength is the amount of HHC in a cart or how potent each vape unit is. For example, one brand of HHC cart has 900mg while the other has 1g. A user with low tolerance can handle 5-12mg of HHC; medium tolerance is 12-30mg; high tolerance is 30mg to 60mg and beyond. It’s difficult to determine how many milligrams are in each puff as each person has a different lung capacity.

Vapes have varying voltages, so they heat oils at different intensities. On average, a threshold dose is one puff, a psychoactive amount is 2-3 puffs, and a very psychoactive dose is three or more puffs. A couple of things affect your appropriate quantity, such as tolerance, purpose, strain, mode of administration, and many more. We recommend you research thoroughly before you start vaping.

There are cheap brands that provide the best quality. Similarly, there are also expensive brands but substandard-grade. It is crucial to choose only products that are worth your money. Try to only buy HHC carts from trusted sources. Avoid consuming cartridges from untrustworthy sources and always check legitimacy before clicking the add-to-cart button.

One of the measures of a brand’s reputation is how large its customer base is. The more satisfied customers there are, the more likely the brand adheres to its principles. The best HHC carts have many positive reviews. Low-quality brands, on the other hand, have many negative reviews. Therefore, it is best to check reviews from verified purchasers to get an idea of an HHC cartridge product.


FAQs Regarding Best HHC Cartridges of 2022:

Q1. What is HHC?
HHC is the hydrogenated form of THC, the former being more stable and can withstand heat and UV. Thus, HHC has a longer shelf life than its counterpart. HHC also gives the consumer the same euphoric effects as delta-8 and delta-10 while being legal in most states.

Q2. Is HHC safe?
Studies regarding the long-term and side effects of HHC are still in their early stages. Researchers and experts are still figuring out the proper methodologies in measuring HHC safety. We know that since HHC has an almost identical composition and effect as THC, possible side effects may also be the same. These are dry eyes, dry mouth, hallucinations, lack of concentration, and low blood pressure.

Q3. How should I use HHC carts?
The following are the basic operating instructions for HHC carts. Make sure you fully charge the battery. Screw the HHC cart to a 510 battery. Press the power button, then puff. If the cart is clogged, take a dry hit by blowing gently without firing the vape. Always keep upright and store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Different brands have different instructions, so reading the cart instruction manual is best.

Q4. Are Cartridges For HHC vapes legal?
HHC carts are federally legal. However, 12 states lack proper and transparent hemp laws. Therefore, HHC cartridge sales and usage in those states will be illegal.

Q5. What is the difference between HHC carts and CBD carts?
The main difference between HHC carts and CBD (cannabidiol) carts is the psychoactive effects. CBD has health benefits, just as HHC does. However, HHC has an extra advantage over CBD in that it provides stronger feelings of euphoria or relaxation after inhalation. Many consumers prefer this additional effect, which they report as beneficial.


Conclusion – Best HHC Vape Cartridge Online

The introduction of HHC carts has been beneficial. Furthermore, the fact that HHC carts are legal in most U.S states makes the deal even sweeter. HHC has the same psychoactive and medical benefits as the majorly illegal delta-9 THC, so it is the best of both worlds.

HHC carts are more discreet than smoking. Furthermore, based on the dosage you choose and overall potency, you only need a few puffs to feel the cart’s effects. Several brands are out there, but our list comprises fan favorites from highly reputable companies. We considered factors such as strain variety, third-party lab testing, and potency while making our list.

Customer reviews, pricing, third-party lab testing, and HHC strength are crucial factors to look at while choosing the best HHC carts. With the right information at hand, you are sure to make the best decision.



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