TikTok queen Tinx – educated in north London, made in LA | Times2

What, I ask Christina Najjar, digital creator, TikTok mega-influencer and former north London schoolgirl, is the difference between the wealthy women of Primrose Hill, say, and the American “rich moms” she parodies in the videos that shot her to fame ?

“Oh, I do think they are different,” she says in a deep, fast-flowing American accent as she taps her white and claw-like acrylic nails on the table in front of her. “On the whole, American women are more lovey-dovey and effusive. They can be direct. ”

And British women? “It’s funny, I’m a pretty confident person and my whole [online] platform is about helping girls get what they want in life, but I will never send food back in a restaurant, even if they bring me

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