I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: if you’re not following Tia Mowry on social media, you’re surely missing out. Whenever I scroll through her accounts, I’m either chuckling at her skits, feeling motivated by her inspirational content, or admiring her many gorgeous looks. Right now, the Disney Channel alum is also making me regret cutting my hair short because I can’t recreate her cute futuristic space buns. 

Dressed in a purple two-piece set, Mowry attended FWRD’s Hall of Fame party in honor of Dwyane Wade on August 6. Her hair was slicked back into two buns, and spiky pieces of hair stood out from each one. It really reminded me of popular hairstyles from the ‘90s and ’00s, when space-age aesthetics reigned supreme. Her extremely slanted side part only added to the already edgy look. Unfortunately, there aren’t too many pictures that show Mowry’s hair from different angles, so we can’t fully appreciate this look. 

Getty Images

Despite that, she did post a selfie on her Instagram Stories, so you can see the other details of her glam. She matched her makeup, namely the eyes, to her purple outfit with a shimmery purple shadow all over her lower lash lines and inner corners. The shimmer and sparkle didn’t end there, thankfully; a pale pink shimmer gleamed on her lids, too. Her glossy lips and glowy skin were almost shinier than her lids.