This quality electric toothbrush has great battery life

Once you get used to an electric toothbrush, you do not want to go back to a run-of-the-mill plastic one ever again. The only problem? It’s a pain to have to bring along your electric toothbrush and its charger when you’re traveling. That’s where the Planck O1 Smart Adaptive Sonic Electric Toothbrush comes in, providing you the perfect option that does not require constant charging when you’re on the go. And right now you can snag one of these game-changing, top-quality electric toothbrushes in white or black for $ 179.99 for a limited time.

The Planck O1 Smart Adaptive Sonic Electric Toothbrush has all of the amazing features you love about electric toothbrushes, plus a seriously impressive battery that lasts a full 28 days on one single charge. Yep, one 3.5 hour charge results in nearly an entire month of use, making it the perfect pick to bring along on any adventure.

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Equipped with a servo motor that delivers 42,000RP increased power, your teeth will feel amazingly clean with this dentist-grade sonic toothbrush. It’s designed for advanced teeth cleaning and adaptively provides brushing power based on your current and previous brushing sessions, with modes like Clean, Comfort, White, Sensitive and Therapy. And its top-quality construction is ready to leave you with the cleanest teeth possible, no matter the setting.

Aside from providing multiple modes and an amazingly long battery, this electric toothbrush is also built with a full-color built-in screen that guides you to make sure you get 100% brushing coverage. And there’s a handy companion Evowera app you can use to check on your daily oral cleaning data or get instructions when needed.

Looking for a top quality electric toothbrush you do not have to constantly stick on the charger? Invest in the dentist-grade Planck O1 Smart Adaptive Sonic Electric Toothbrush, on sale now in white or black for $ 179.99 for a limited time.

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