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Things to do: Red Bull SoundClash The Suffers And Tank And The Bangas

There can be great benefits to a small friendly competition as the participants get the energy to mock their respected competitors. This will definitely be the case at the Red Bull SoundClash event, which takes place on Thursday, December 2 at the Bayou Music Center, where Houston’s The Suffers will compete against Louisiana’s Tank and Bangas.

“It’s very much a revue style,” explains Kam Franklin, frontwoman of The Suffers. “We’re not going to make our standard sets that people might be used to seeing us do. We’re going to make some of each other’s songs, some cover songs, some of our own music, and we’ll bring special guests forward.”

“It’s going to be a really strong showcase of Texas and Louisiana music and just a real showcase of sisterhood and the bonds between the two bands,” she adds.

“It’s going to be a really strong showcase of Texas and Louisiana music and just a real showcase of sisterhood and the bonds between the two bands.”

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“The respect that both bands have for each other is just really beautiful and I’m just really happy to know them as human beings. We’ve toured together and we have not really gotten to see each other because of COVID, so it has been really nice to reconnect with everyone. ”

The event will have two stages facing each other. Each scene will be decorated to match the home state of the fighting bands with room for the audience between the two scenes. The evening will also feature many special guests, including Paul Wall and Big Freedia, who will host the event and line up each of the four competition rounds.

“As soon as the show starts, you will be entertained by our incredible hosts, who in themselves are incredible musicians, legends, mentors and friends. When that’s what starts the show, it will bring out a whole different atmosphere between us. This is going to be a very exciting show. ”

The show will feature four back-to-back rounds. Each round will show a different facet of the talents of the participating bands as they both play the same cover song for the first round. Round two will get the bands to start one of their own songs, only to have their competitors take it over midway.

In round three, each band will perform songs in separate genres selected by the hosts, and for the grand finale, each band will take special guests out for their performance.

“There will be special guests throughout the show,” Franklin clarifies. “So I really hope people arrive on time and pay attention, because if they are not, they may miss something or someone they love. We’re going to have guests from all over Texas and Louisiana, so it’s going to be a real good time, and I’m excited about people getting immersed in it. ”

The winner is decided by the audience and their applause to the participants. “There’s going to be some kind of winner, but I really feel like we’ll all win no matter what,” Franklin says, adding, “We’re going to have so much fun that it doesn ‘t matter.”

The event will also be for a good cause, as ticket sales benefit Trae Tha Truth’s Houston-based non-profit Angel By Nature, which serves to improve the lives of Houstonians in need.

“People need to see what our city is capable of,” Franklin says. “They need to see what we can do. I’m really grateful to Red Bull for making it possible and I’m excited to see what both bands are capable of and where we’re going from here.”

The Suffers and Tank and the Bangas will perform at the Red Bull SoundClash on December 2 at Bayou Music Center, 520 Texas, at 20.00, $ 20.


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