Sofia Richie Grainge is known for her chic, luxurious beauty looks and enviously lavish lifestyle, but even the newlywed model relies on a few affordable summer beauty staple products every now and then. In a recent video with Who What Wear, the model dished all the details on her favorite affordable products for keeping her glow going all summer long.

The affordable lip-product Sofia Richie Grainge is never without

While sitting in a makeup chair getting some touch-ups done to her gorgeous hair, the star revealed that Aquaphor ($5) is in fact her favorite lip product. “If I’m being completely honest with you,” she begins, “my favorite lip product is probably Aquaphor.” Riche Grainge laughed at the admission, but the fact of the matter is that Aquaphor has become one of the most tried-and-true lip-care products amongst users, celebs and influencers alike, so it’s no surprise this $5 product makes the list as one of the model’s affordable staple products.

Richie Grainge’s summer beauty staple and all-time favorite SPF

SPF is an essential part of any skin-care routine, especially in the summer, and with skin as flawless as Richie-Grainge’s, it’s no doubt the influencer is always protecting her complexion. When it comes to her favorite product for unmatched UV protection, Richie Grainge opts for EltaMD sunscreens.

Though she didn’t specify which specific formula she uses, the star did rave about the brand’s SPF products, explaining that it’s “the only SPF [she] can wear all day and it doesn’t break [her] out or clog [her] pores.” Plus, she loves that this summer beauty staple ensures that she can “bask in the sun” and always have a “nice glow” going on.

Richie Grainge’s favorite DIY hair mask

With strands as consistently silky and smooth as hers, we’re always eager to learn what Richie Grainge is putting in her hair to keep it so luxurious. As it turns out, the star’s favorite product for ensuring healthy, radiant hair is a simple, DIY hair mask. “During the summer, I love to run a little bit of coconut oil through my hair,” she begins. “It just keeps [your hair] hydrated, it looks nice and you can still style it.”