Therese Allison’s ‘Playing for Keeps’ wins 2021 best book award for business motivating category and 4 finalist awards

Amazon bestseller “Playing for Keeps: How a 21st century businesswoman beat the boys!” is the winner of the 2021 Best Book Awards in the Business: Motivational category and is a finalist in four other categories. This award-winning book is available on Amazon via paperback and Kindle eBook (with a special e-book give-away campaign January 12-14, 2022).

HUNTINGTON BEACH, California, January 12, 2022 / PRNewswire-PRWeb / – Award-winning author, mother and mentor Therese Allison is honored to receive the Best Book Award in 2021 for the Business: Motivational category for her self-help memoir, “Playing for Keeps – How a 21st Century Businesswoman Beat the Boys!” This entertaining book is filled with funny stories that make you laugh, along with success tips for life and business from a female leader who broke all barriers from the playground to the boardroom. To celebrate these book awards and help others, Allison is releasing its “Playing for Keeps” e-book version for 0.00 USD on Amazon from Wednesday, January 12thFriday, January 14, 2022.

In addition to this Best Award for Best Book, “Playing for Keeps” was recognized as a “Finalist” in four other categories, including: Non-Fiction Inspirational, Art, Self-Help Motivational and Spiritually Inspirational.

Allison’s five best book awards demonstrate the many layers of this engaging and educational book, which includes her 16 “Pearls of Wisdom” Lucy Moment stories, Synchronicity Power and meaningful art by Allison’s father, Gould Allison, with motivational messages. One book reviewer described it this way: “It sounds like fiction, but it is not!”

With appreciation, Allison reflected: “What an honor it is to go up against giants in the industry and come out with more awards. I am grateful to be in good company, as previous winners, among others. Amy Tan (“Joy Luck Club”), Rhonda Byrne (“The Secret”), Anne Geddes, George Saunders, Clive Barker and numerous’New York Times’ Bestsellers. “

American Book Fest President and CEO Jeffrey Keen, praised all the authors who participated this year, “Thank you to the thousands of authors, publishers and other industry professionals who participated in the annual National Awards for Best Book Awards 2021. Congratulations to all the winners and finalists for their much deserved recognition!”

Winners and finalists in 120+ categories included books published by HarperCollins, Penguin Random House, John Wiley and Sons, Macmillan Publishers, NYU Press, Oxford University Press, John Hopkins University Press and hundreds of independent houses that contributed to this year’s unique competition!

Allison’s book title “Playing for Keeps” was inspired by skills she learned by playing competitive sports in school (CIF Tennis Champions, volleyball, majoring in physical education in college and more). Using the same “winning” approach in business, Allison became the first female producing partner in an insurance brokerage firm affiliated with Lloyd’s of London where women for 300 years were not allowed on the drawing floor. After becoming a partner, Allison later became financially independent at the age of 38 and retired early at age 43 when her firm (McKenna & Associates) was sold to AON.

As a mother and mentor, Allison encouraged her children to play sports and learn the importance of strategy, visualization, and paying your dues. When her children encouraged Allison to write her career success story and family history to help others thrive, the author decided to write this self-help memoir now despite the pandemic.

In addition, Allison began mentoring men and women to succeed in business and life. One reader wrote: “After reading ‘Playing for Keeps’, I went through several rounds of interviews for two DA’s offices. Out of 100 applicants, I was lucky to be offered both jobs. All the time I was thinking about your tips for success, especially at times, where I was the only woman in the room. ” – Kaitlin R.

As you reflect on these book awards and her path to success, Allison emphasizes, “When you recognize that your success is not just about you, the world will fall synchronously at your feet. It’s about helping others.” And because everything in life takes time to master, Allison adds, “Aim high and reject the word ‘No.’ If you use an ‘I CAN’ attitude when pursuing your passions, you will succeed.”

American Book Fest – Winners of Best Book Awards 2021
“Playing for Keeps – How a 21st Century Businesswoman Beat the Boys!”
Winner – Business Motivational
Finalist – Non-Fiction Inspirational
Finalist – Art
Finalist – Motivating self-help
Finalist – Spiritually inspiring

“Playing for Keeps: How a 21st century businesswoman beat the boys” (2020)

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ABOUT THE AUTHOR: THERESE ALLISON (Huntington Beach, CA., grew up in La Canada, CA near Hollywood, born in Hollywood) is a self-made success story, mother and author of “Playing for Keeps – How a 21st Century Businesswoman Beat the Boys” (self-help memoir), which gives women and men the opportunity to succeed in business and life. To help others learn from her journey, Allison openly talks about how she became financially independent at the age of 38 and retired early as a 43-year-old to spend quality time with her children. Today, Allison is busy mentoring her three children and others to succeed. Her work has been seen in Los Angeles Times, MSN, GoBankingRates, Yahoo! Finance, Bizwomen: The Business Journals, Yahoo! Sport, Shout Out LA, Authority Magazine, Thrive Global, VoyageLA, Girls on the Air Show (KVTA News Talk 1590 / ABC Radio Affiliate), Great Books Great Minds, A Dime Saved, many podcasts, including: Healing Powers Podcast, Get Clients Now Podcast, The Polished Woman, Empowered Within with Jennifer Pilates, Defying the Status Quo with Rene Banglesdorf and more.

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