‘There was no cake, drink or laughter at my dying wife’s birthday – not like Boris’ No. 10 party’

Dressed in full PPE, Alun Jones sat alone by his wife Shirley’s bed to celebrate her 67th birthday.

There was no cake, no drinks and no laughter that afternoon in September 2020, only a protective mask, dress and gloves – her husband had dutifully followed the strict Covid restrictions in force at the time.

Unfortunately, Shirley would die of an inoperable brain tumor on the same palliative ward a few weeks later, leaving Alun in despair.

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But now the 66-year-old widower has said his grief has turned to anger with revelations that Prime Minister Boris Johnson just a few months before, while the rest of Britain had been closed, got a surprise bash for him at. Downing Street No. 10.

As one of the latest sensational ‘Partygate’ revelations to hit the Tory government, Johnson was reportedly presented with a cake while his wife led the staff of the ‘Happy Birthday’ choir.

The audience is believed to have eaten picnic food from M&S, where the gathering lasts about 20-30 minutes.

Officials say, however, that the prime minister only attended for less than 10 minutes.

“10 minutes? He should not have been there at all,” said Alun, who along with Shirley once ran an animal sanctuary near their home in Llandrindod Wells.

“I hear all these stories come out about ‘bring your own booze’ parties at No. 10 and people overriding the rules they themselves had set.

“At the same time, my wife was seriously ill in the hospital and I was told I could not even go and see her. It makes my blood boil.”

“She was such a living, wise person – it was so sad to see all that ebb”

Alun, now retired, added that he and Shirley had been together for 20 years and finally got married five years ago.

“She had been feeling very lethargic for a while before she was diagnosed in May 2020,” he said.

“Things had gotten so bad that she was not even able to get out of bed, which was when I called an ambulance. She was taken to the hospital in Aberystwyth, where the doctors told her it was lung cancer, which had spread to her brain, causing a tumor. “

But while the surgery to remove the growth was successful, it eventually grew back and went untreated.

“When she ended up receiving care at the end of her life, there was little left of the woman I had known and loved,” Alun said.

“Shirley had been a famous dog show judge for years, both on the international circuit and at home – she was a regular on the Royal Welsh Show.

“She was such a living, wise person – it was so sad to see all that ebb.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson during a visit to Penmaenmawr in North Wales this week

“Eventually she did not respond and was in a vegetative state – when I could visit, I just sat and talked to her about all sorts of things, but I do not know how much she could hear, or whether she even knew it was me.”

Alun is a self-proclaimed faithful remnant, adding that he is now considering moving to Europe to live.

“I’m Welsh all the way through, but I’m done with the way Britain is run,” he said.

“Boris Johnson has to go, and he has to take his sad, cruel apology for a government with him.”

An independent report by senior official Sue Gray on what is going on at No. 10 during the lockdown is expected to be released soon.

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