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The vegetable sculptures are always a real highlight of the Lambeth Country Show, and such is their popularity that they now have their own dedicated tent with queuing system.

We went along yesterday to see what was on offer.

You can expect to wait between 10-15 minutes to get in so make sure you have water with you.

We have to say that we were a bit underwhelmed by this year’s offering, with just 9 sculptures on display.

One poster on urban75 observed:

As well as the relatively small number, I was especially surprised to see almost no political dioramas this year.

Usually you could expect at least one member of the cabinet being ridiculed via the medium of parsnips and punnery but I was left wanting.

There was still plenty of good stuff to enjoy though.


Elton John (Rocket Man).

Captain Jack Marrow.

Shame Corn.

Kale Bush.

Crop Gun.

Frankly, we’re not quite sure how this wood and tin foil object qualified as a vegetable sculpture!

Some may argue that the under 15s section chimes closest to the vegetable animal displays of the past (who can forget the awesome penguin courgette of 2003?)

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