Finding a pore-perfecting product that truly delivers is no easy feat, but we can always count on Hollywood’s skin-care experts to let us in on all the skin-prep products that are keeping our favorite A-lister’s looking flawless. Megan Fox is one such celeb that is consistently serving radiant skin, and the actress’ esthetician, Mindi Walters, has revealed that Fox’s flawless skin has a lot to do with this pore-perfecting product that she never leaves out of the star’s skin prep.

Walters’ holy grail, pore-perfecting product

Skin prep is the key to creating a glam look that will stay fierce all night long, and for Walters’ clients, Fox included, Peace Out Skincare’s Pore Perfecting Stick ($24) is the first step in a well-rounded, pre-show routine. After cleansing and exfoliating the skin, Walters relies on the brand’s new pore-perfecting product as a quick, effective treatment for quickly getting rid of blackheads in stubborn, hard to reach places.

Free from harmful ingredients and full of skin-loving ingredients like mushroom extract, kaolin clay and a blend of five different acids, the dual-action formula in Peace Out’s pore-perfecting product simultaneously unclogs pores, exfoliates, nourishes the skin, and tackles unwanted texture and visible pores. Not only can you use the Megan Fox–approved stick to scrub and cleanse hard to reach areas, you can also wear the product as a mask for even more skin-care benefits.