The police do not deserve all this negativity, COVID tests, pet stores

The police do not deserve all this negativity

Amidst all the shouts of police funding, outrage over police body cameras, and now how the police in Nassau County failed to protect a citizen, I have to wonder if I’m getting a fair and balanced picture [“Jo’Anna Bird’s murder,” News, Dec. 19]. Is there anyone who is aware of how many times the police react to a domestic situation only to make the victim refuse and mock the police for wanting to arrest the suspect? This can happen over and over again with the same parties. How many readers would be willing to have themselves for the camera at their jobs? In different places I often see employees relaxing, but the police are appointed. Why should any of them have a camera with an anti-police atmosphere that reviews all your movements? Heaven help the police officer who may say something wrong to a suspect (who is likely to be out of jail soon) who shouts “police brutality” for having been arrested.

I am grateful to all the police and am tired of all this negativity towards them.

Mike Allivo, Massapequa

These COVID tests were not what I expected

I write while waiting outside the queue in Huntington for a quick COVID-19 test at a local clinic [“Amid new case high, more testing,” News, Dec. 30]. I had tried all the drug chains and nearby Northwell locations without success. It’s 45 degrees and it’s starting to rain. American healthcare is the most expensive in the world, and we rejoiced over the passage of the trillion-dollar covid bills. Is that what our leaders promised last year when they ran for office? I certainly did not vote for this absolute incompetence. The crush virus was lifted. crush it? We can not even test for it. I will remember this broken promise when it’s time to vote again.

Rich Adrian, Huntington

Pet stores should get higher fines

Regarding your article “Puppy sales ban for pet stores” [News, Dec. 22], banning stores from acquiring new animals for resale does not go near far enough as punishment. They should be put out of operation more fairly. Their actions were clearly motivated by greed without concern for the irreparable harm and heartache they caused. The punishment in this case does not match the crime.

Michael Scott, Garden City


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