The Outspoken Panel Review: Curate Beauty

I am SO excited to publish my first episode featuring the voices of the Outspoken Panel for this special episode in partnership with the amazing Curate Beauty.
The panellists have been busy trying luscious body and face oils from a brand called Booming Bob and a multi functional beauty balm from Ouli’s Ointment and during the episode they give their honest views on how the products perform. During the episode I also review and chat about my experience of Organicup and a blemish product from a fascinating brand called Lue.
All of these brands are small, independent and truly brilliant and have been introduced to me by Sam and Margot from Curate Beauty. This is your chance to get to know them and hopefully make some really meaningful additions to your beauty and wellbeing collection.
During the podcast you’ll also be given some promo codes just in case you’re tempted. I’ll write them here with links also:

For 25% off Ouli’s Ointment use code OUTSPOKEN here:

For 20% off Booming Bob products use code outspoken20 here: (valid until the end of Jan 2021)

For £10 off your first order of Lue products use code OUTSPOKEN