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The excoriating memo spreading like wildfire on Tory WhatsApp groups that damned Boris Johnson

Citing a survey suggesting that 27 per cent of Tory voters think the Prime Minister should resign, the memo read: “The booing of Boris Johnson at the Jubilee Thanksgiving service tells us nothing that data does not. There is no social group that trusts him, with even 55 per cent of current Conservatives calling him untrustworthy, against only 25 per cent saying he is trustworthy. “

The so-called “greased pig” was slipping – even in the minds of patriots, it seemed.

The damning memo predicted: “If left in post, will lead the Party to a substantial defeat in 2024. He will lose Red Wall seats (with majorities under 10,000) to Labor, and Blue Wall seats (majorities up to 20,000) to the Liberal Democrats.

“At least 160 MPs are at risk (all majorities under 10k, and LD-facing majorities under 20k). Furthermore, tactical voting, so devastating in 1997, is returning and could turn a defeat into a landslide.”

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