It may not be Wednesday yet, but at the premier of the long-awaited Mean Girls remake last night, we were all seeing pink. From the pink carpet to the gowns of the new, 2024 rebooted “plastics,” the iconic 2000s vibes of the OG Mean Girls era were all around. Not only was the ambience curated to evoke the memories of 2004, the original Mean Girls stars in attendance had us instantly transported back to the days of velour sweat suits and hot pink flip phones.

Of course, the Mean Girls premiere wouldn’t be complete without the original Cady Heron herself. All smiles, Lindsay Lohan stepped onto the pink carpet in a gorgeous floor-length gown to celebrate the new movie. But the real star of her look was her luscious, auburn waves that were created by these two under-$100 hair tools.

With her dramatic side part and strikingly auburn strands, Lohan’s waist-skimming hair was perfectly styled into what can best be described as mermaid waves. While her waves look like something out of a sea siren movie, it turns out that the tools used to achieve this fantastical look are both under $100.

The first tool used to prep Lohan’s hair for this wavy moment was Mermade’s Blow Dry Brush ($79). Aptly named and even available in a blush pink color to help satisfy all your Mean Girls or Barbie-related fantasies, this legendary tool combines the power of a hair dryer with a round brush, making salon-quality blowouts easily achievable. The second tool, and the real showstopper for Lohan’s silky waves, was the Mermade PRO Hair Waver ($79). Suitable for any hair length or texture, bouncy, long-lasting waves are just seconds away with this wallet-friendly waver.