“The Biggest Thrill Was When I Got Two Warranty Cards from Jeff Beck”: Watch Guitar Innovator Tom Scholz’s Intriguing Mini-Doc

Having scored Platinum record-selling success with his band Boston, MIT-trained engineer Tom Scholz poured the proceeds into Scholz Research & Development in 1980 to create and build music tech products.

First came the Power Soak power attenuator that delivered precise control over a rig’s global volume.

But it was Scholz’s follow-up that revolutionized guitar tone in the 1980s.

Tom Scholz, 2014 (Image credit: Larry Marano / Getty Images)

“In 1982 there was no way to practice high-power rock guitar quietly,” he explained in a 2020 Facebook post. “What I needed was a way to get that maxed-out overdrive sound in headphones.”

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