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The Bachelor Spoilers: Who Will Zach Shallcross Pick In Tonight’s Season Finale? …

If you’ve come across any comments from fellow viewers this season, then we probably don’t need to tell you that Zach Shallcross is one of the most divisive Bachelors in the history of the franchise.

But regardless of how you feel about Zach or his contestants, we think just about everyone likes to see a Bachelor finale that ends with a proposal.

Otherwise, what was all the point of all that emotional labor (and all those rose ceremonies)?

So with it’s great joy and cautious optimism that we report these spoilers from tonight’s highly-anticipated season ender:

It looks like Zach Shallcross found love on his season of The Bachelor. (Photo via ABC)

(In case it wasn’t already abundantly clear, the remainder of this article will contain many spoilers about Monday’s episode of The Bachelor, so read no further if you wish to be surprised tonight!)

First of all, we know that Zach will pop the question to one of his two remaining contestants.

Additionally, we know that said contestant will accept his proposal.

And yes, we know the identity of the woman who will agree to become Mrs. Zach Shallcross.

Zach Shallcross is very easy on the eyes. This is not a controversial statement. (Photo via ABC)

Despite initial reports indicating that Zach would get engaged to Gabi Elnicki, it seems he actually proposed to her chief rival.

“Zach is engaged to Kaity Biggar,” spoiler master Reality Steve writes on his website.

“Yes, I’m well aware that an Instagram account posted two months ago that Zach was engaged to Gabi,” Steve continues.

Zach Shallcross’ season of The Bachelor will come to an end tonight. (Photo via ABC)

“Here’s what I can tell you: I trust my sources just like I assume they trust their sources. It’s now up to you the public to decide who you choose to believe. Personally, I’ll bet on myself.”

As if that uncertainty wasn’t enough to make for a tense finale, there are also doubts about whether or not Zach is still engaged.

Multiple sources are now claiming that Zach and Kaity have already broken up, and at least one outlet is claiming that Shallcross has already rebounded with an unexpected partner.

Kaity is rumored to be Zach’s winner on The Bachelor. (Photo via ABC)

Barstool Sports personality Maria Ciuffo alleged in a recent Instagram post that Zach is currently dating Jessica Girod.

Jessica, as you may recall, was a contestant who was dismissed by Zach several weeks ago.

She and Zach hit it off, but no one got the impression that he was secretly pining for her after she went home.



Reality Steve dismissed the rumor, though he admitted that he doesn’t have any inside info about it.

“I cannot imagine this is true,” Steve said on a recent episode of his podcast.

“It makes zero sense.”

Of course, Steve seems to be shooting the news down on the basis that such a move would be illogical — but we all know that logic and love rarely go hand-in-hand!

Zach Shallcross converses with Bachelor host Jesse Palmer. (Photo via ABC)

That said, Maria admits that her source on the Jessica rumor isn’t totally reliable, so it’s very possible that there’s nothing there.

As for the Zach-Kaity situation, the best indicator of a post-Bachelor relationship status is usually geography.

If the castmates’ social media profiles reveal that they’re living in the same city, then that usually means they’re still together.

But that’s not much help to us in this case, as Zach and Kaity are both full-time Austin residents.

That said, Zach might have dropped a subtle hint on Instagram this week.


He checked in at Terry Black’s barbecue — a spot that Kaity previously cited as her favorite restaurant in the Texas capital.

So whomever Zach wound up with, it looks like they’ve been bonding over ribs!

It doesn’t get anymore Texas than that!

The season finale of The Bachelor airs tonight on ABC.

Here he is! Zach Shallcross appears to have a lot in common with past leads on The Bachelor. (Photo via ABC)


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