Teyana Taylor is dropping the muva hammer on her estranged husband with new claims in their ongoing divorce. Court documents reportedly reviewed by TMZ show Teyana is accusing Iman Shumpert of being negligent with their daughters. The paperwork points to safety and basic care concerns.

Teyana Taylor Lists Incidents Of Child Neglect In New Court Filing

Taylor claimed Iman has previously failed to feed their daughters, Junie and Rue Rose, while at the family home, per TMZ.

Additionally, she’s alleging Iman has been under the influence of alcohol and marijuana while the girls are in his care. Junie is 8, and Rue is 3.

The court documents allege Iman “consistently demonstrates a clear disregard for the safety of the minor children.” One example of this “disregard” reportedly happened in Chicago. Teyana says her estranged husband packed the girls in a rideshare and had them travel alone to United Center. Meanwhile, the former pro athlete used a private car service to get him to the same arena.

TMZ didn’t share the PDF filing in their exclusive report. Teyana nor Iman have responded to the reported update in their divorce and custody proceedings.

The “Gonna Love Me” singer confirmed her split from Iman in September 2023. At the time, she called Iman her “bestie,” cleared him of any infidelity rumors, and presented a united co-parenting front.

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By November, that feel-good announcement was torn to shreds by reports of filings in their divorce. In the paperwork, Teyana reportedly said Iman left their home in October and had barely spent time with the girls since. She accused him of treating her “cruelly and displaying extreme narcissistic behavior throughout the majority of their marriage.”

As a result of their “irretrievably broken” marriage, Teyana sought temporary and permanent primary physical custody and joint legal custody of their daughters. She also requested child support.

After that filing became public, Teyana expressed her disappointment, saying she never gave any media statements for a reason. She requested privacy for her daughters and their family.

However, several days later, Iman Shumpert filed his own court documents. He sought to have Teyana retract claims of feeling endangered during their marriage. Shumpert also wanted to note that their split was solely due to an “irretrievable broken bond” and nothing more.

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