In this episode I get to know a truly iconic member of the beauty industry who many would say changed the face of beauty. The incredible Terry de Gunzberg joins me to talk about her career and the everlasting impact that she has had on the beauty industry.

During the episode we chat about her unplanned entry into the world of makeup artistry that led to a career that took off rapidly and soon saw her working on runway and editorial projects with some of the biggest names in the business. We also talk through her time as International Makeup Designer for YSL where amongst many things she invented the iconic Touche Éclat in 1992.

Terry has so many great stories including how King Charles reacted when he met her. It is also fascinating to learn about the way that her own brand By Terry started as a highly luxe personalised offering that was for the rich and famous but eventually became the far more accessible brand that so many of us swear by today.

Terry is such a successful woman but when you meet her the first things you notice are her warmth and generosity of spirit (as well as her incredibly chich dress sense). Her beautiful personality shines through in this absolutely fascinating episode which I just know that you’ll love.