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Terrace House’s Seina and Noah share wedding photos

Terraced house‘s Seina Shimabukuro and Noah Ishikura have shared several wedding photos on Instagram to remind us that they went from roommates in a reality TV show to soulmates in real life. The couple – the first married couple to come out of the Japanese franchise – smiled and posed in various kimonos for the photos. They also posted a vlog on their shared YouTube channel with behind-the-scenes footage from the professional photo shoot, which took place in a stunning outdoor location in Kyoto, Japan.

Shimabukuro and Ishikura met as strangers on Townhouse: Opens new doors, which aired from 2017 to 2019. Many female roommates expressed interest in Ishikura, but it was the wine-loving Shimabukuro who ended up winning the heart of model / pilot Ishikura. They continued to announce their marriage in February 2021. (Ishikura proposed in Karuizawa, the city where Opening of new doors was shot.) Although it’s already more than ten months since the happy announcement, the description of the couple’s latest vlog notes that taking these wedding photos made it feel more genuine to be married. Let this be a beacon of hope for anyone who still believes you can find something real on reality TV in a time of breaking with co-stars.

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