Teenager who packed ‘murder kit’ and dug grave for former boyfriend is jailed

A teenager packed a murder kit and dug a grave in preparation for a “revenge” attack after her former lover slept with other women.

Sophie George, 18 at the time, wrote a “disturbing” to-do list as she plotted to kidnap, torture and kill Adam Yiosese. It included notes that read “drive to grave site” – where she had dug the ground in preparation – “torture” and “kill and bury”.

George, who is now 20, packed shopping bags filled with protective clothing, bleach and cleaning equipment, duct tape and a Stanley knife, Hove Crown Court heard.

She arranged for Mr Yiosese, 23, to pick her up in a vehicle on Oct 10, 2020, before instructing him to drive to a house where she had stored the bags.

George insisted he then drive them to a nearby park. However, he resisted, and she grabbed the wheel on several occasions to try to force him to go in the direction she wanted.

When the pair reached Selsfield Drive, next to the A270 which runs through Brighton, she pulled out a knife and threatened Mr Yiosese. A struggle began, which spilled out of the van he was driving and into the street. He was able to throw the knife into a bush.

When he called the police George attacked him again, biting his finger so hard that she punctured the skin and left a wound that exposed bone.

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