On last week’s The Real Housewives of Orange County, we saw Tamra Judge apologize to Jennifer Pedranti.

She seemed to regret throwing the napkin, at least. And the two agreed to start fresh.

But they filmed that scene months ago. Since then, they’ve both had some things to say.

Now, Tamra is calling out Jennifer as a “little victim.” Oh dear.

Jennifer Pedranti and Tamra Judge sat down to work out their differences and give each other a clean slate. Mostly. (Bravo)

From the start of Season 17, Tamra Judge has had Jennifer Pedranti in her crosshairs.

It’s not about Jennifer, of course. It’s about her boyfriend.

Ryan Boyajian has proven to be a controversial figure. Tamra isn’t the only one saying so … but she’s saying it the most. And she’s at the center of the discussion, by design.

Ryan confronted a The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 17 couple over what they have come to believe about him. (Bravo)

Does Tamra really mean the things that she has been saying?

Jennifer isn’t so sure. She has expressed a number of questions .. like why she didn’t bring up these concerns until the show began filming.

So Jennifer brought up all of this and more on a recent Watch What Happens Live appearance.

Jennifer’s conclusion was simple: she doesn’t believe that she can keep speaking to Tamra.

Not if she can’t trust that Tamra isn’t simply filing things away to use against her and her relationship on camera.

Not every newbie finds themselves in the hot seat like this. Her boyfriend and relationship have been under a microscope all season.

Jennifer Pedranti was serving Pam-From-True-Blood realness in this RHOC 17 confessional scene. (Bravo)

It comes as no surprise to any longtime fan of The Real Housewives of Orange County that Tamra isn’t letting Jennifer have the last word.

Tamra has a podcast with RHOBH alum and alleged disordered eating cult leader Teddi Mellencamp.

So she took to that platform to fire back, announcing to the world: “I unfollowed Jenn.”

Wearing an outlandish cobalt blue outfit, Tamra Judge speaks to the RHOC 17 confessional camera. (Bravo)

“After her Watch What Happens [Live] thing, I unfollowed her …” Tamra revealed.

However, she explained that this was “not because I’m really mad at her.”

Rather, Tamra detailed, she unfollowed her “because she’s playing a little victim on her Instagram.”

Jennifer Pedranti had no idea that her castmates were discussing her with pity. She was just calling her man for a quick chat. (Bravo)

“So when people talk s–t about me,” Tamra went on to say.

“She instantly goes in there,” she described Jennifer’s Instagram behavior, “and does like, this poor victim kind of answer.”

Tamra then expressed: “I just didn’t want to see it.”

Tamra Judge Meme: That's My Opinion!
The Real Housewives of Orange County star Tamra Judge positively SCREAMED “that’s my opinion!” at her castmate during a Reunion special. The moment has created a very unflattering meme. (Bravo)

Of course, one could argue that Tamra is doing the same. Just on a podcast instead of on Instagram.

Though Teddi isn’t exactly a nice person, she did speak up for Jennifer.

“Here’s the thing. I wanna believe in the underdog,” Teddi said. “Like, she’s gonna create a voice for herself and be able to speak up.”

Speaking to the confessional camera on Season 17, Episode 8 of RHOC, Tamra Judge was looking pretty in pink. (Bravo)

“I have talked to her for years about having a voice for herself,” Tamra then countered.

“And that’s why it’s like frustrating for me,” she explained.

Tamra feels frustrated “because people don’t know our back history.”

Tamra Judge heard her quasi-friend and castmate make some statements that seemed to hit a little too close to home. But what was it about? (Bravo)

“They think I brought this girl on to like, expose her,” Tamra characterized.

She tried to emphasize that she isn’t the sole source of gossip about Jennifer and her relationship. Instead she jus “added to it.”

What a mess. But it wouldn’t be a Real Housewives show without it. Not an interesting one, anyway.