Universities’ racial equality scheme branded ‘egregious wokery’

A charity charging universities thousands of pounds a year to take part in a racial equality scheme is behind “the most egregious wokery” in higher education institutions, government figures have claimed. Advance HE, which counts scores of universities as members of its Racial Equality Charter scheme, is said to be responsible for dramatic cultural changes … Read more

Grammar school pupils must not be discriminated against, MPs tell Oxbridge

He added: “I would remind Prof Toope that grammar school students are drawn from a very wide income spectrum and simply equating grammar schools with independent schools, where the vast majority of parents pay over £ 100,000 for a single child education, is like comparing apples with pears. “Equally, there are comprehensive schools in some … Read more

Cambridge College spent £ 120,000 trying to remove Tobias Rustat plaque in slavery row

“The college will have spent about £ 120,000 on an antiquated process that it had little choice but to follow, dominated by lawyers, and which is ill-designed for resolving sensitive matters of racial justice and contested heritage,” she wrote in The Guardian. This week, the College announced that it would not be appealing last month’s … Read more

Whodunnit grips world of academia as stolen Charles Darwin notebooks returned after 20 years

When Charles Darwin first sketched the Tree of Life in a small notebook, he took the first step towards solving one of humanity’s greatest mysteries. Now almost 200 years later, librarians at the University of Cambridge face another seemingly unsolvable question: how did two of his extremely valuable notebooks, stolen 22 years ago, suddenly reappear … Read more

The Rustat hearing at Cambridge should be a turning point in the war against woke

Without intending any disrespect, I think one can say that a judgment in the Consistory Court of the Diocese of Ely would not normally affect our public life. The Church of England is “established by law”, so ecclesiastical law is part of English law but usually this need not trouble the scorers. This week, not … Read more

Are monument inverters so clean that they are not also canceled?

An unusual event will soon take place in Cambridge: a hearing in the beautiful chapel at Jesus College at the Consistory Court of the Diocese of Ely. The college has requested a “faculty” (an authorization) to remove from the chapel a prominent and artistically important memorial to one of its greatest benefactors, Tobias Rustat. He … Read more

Cambridge College alumni claim slavery-related donor in court, in the UK first

While much of his wealth stemmed from his career as a courtier for King Charles II, he was also an investor in The Royal African Company and also took a role in running the organization. Historian William Pettigrew said the Royal African Company “sent more slaves of African women, men, and children to America than … Read more

‘We only joke half’ Students launch #SaveTheMound campaign

S Students behind a petition to save The Marble Arch Mound have claimed they are “only half heavy in the cheek” as fans joked that the much-maligned mound was like “Babylon’s Hanging Gardens”. Freddie Poser, 21, of the University of Cambridge, said he had been up the hill five times when it was open, with … Read more