Raging Markets Selloff in Five Charts: $36 Trillion and Counting

Gauges of currency and bond volatility have been a leading indicator of the ongoing rout. They have been elevated most of this year, with the ICE BofA Treasury volatility index approaching levels hit when the pandemic erupted in 2020. However, the CBOE Volatility Index, known as Wall Street’s fear gauge, remains below levels seen during … Read more

Meta to Cut Headcount for First Time, Slash Budgets Across Teams

He announced the freeze during a weekly Q&A session with employees, according to a person in attendance. He added that the company would reduce budgets across most teams, even those that are growing, and that individual teams will sort out how to handle headcount changes. That could mean not filling roles that employees leave, shifting … Read more

NASA Delays Artemis I Moon Launch Again on Tropical Storm Risk

During the test, two hydrogen leaks emerged as engineers fueled the SLS rocket, as well as other technical issues. While one of the leaks eventually abated after some troubleshooting, the second leak that cropped up later in the test would have prevented a launch if NASA had hoped to fly that day.

College Dropout Turns Thiel Fellowship Into a $2 Billion Figma Fortune

One area where he diverged from the fellowship was in crypto: He wasn’t into it at first, he has said. Field eventually came around. Last year, he sold a non-fungible token for 4,200 Ether, or $7.5 million, which at the time was a record price. His wife, Elena Nadolinski, is a founder and CEO of … Read more

Apple Counts on Upscale Shoppers to Turn Latest iPhone Into Hit

The standard iPhone, which starts at $799, doesn’t even run Apple’s latest processor, the A16. Instead, it uses the same A15 chip as last year, with the A16 going into the Pro models. The Pro phones also get significant camera improvements and a new interface called the Dynamic Island.

Uber Probes Hacker’s Claim to Have Penetrated Key Databases

Employees on Thursday received a Slack message from an unknown person claiming “I am a hacker,” according to one person with knowledge of the matter. The perpetrator co-opted a staff member’s account and claimed to have gained access also to internal databases, the person said. The cyberattacker was an 18-year-old who managed to infiltrate a … Read more

Ethereum Faces ‘Blockchain Trilemma’ When ‘Merge’ Mania Cools

“It’s hard to talk about the timelines of the following four stages because all of them are still under active research and development. But, in my opinion, it will easily take 2-3 years before all phases are complete,” said Sameep Singhania, co-creator of QuickSwap, a decentralized exchange built on Ethereum scaling solution Polygon.

Goldman Sachs Backs Data Startup Fortanix in $90 Million Round

“Cybersecurity is a $200 billion market and while most other services will get consolidated when they move to the cloud, security and privacy will remain separate,” Kumar, the company’s chief executive officer, said on a video call from the San Francisco Bay area. The startup has over 225 employees, a third of them in Bangalore.

Ex-Twitter, Facebook Executives Urge Lawmakers to Rein In Social-Media Platforms

Brian Boland, a former vice president with Meta Platforms Inc.’s Facebook, and Alex Roetter, Twitter’s former senior vice president for engineering, warned the Senate’s homeland security committee that social media companies including YouTube, Twitter, Meta and TikTok have failed to address the harm their platforms can cause, including how their algorithms can amplify harmful content. … Read more

Twitter Shareholders Approve Musk’s $44 Billion Buyout as Trial Looms

The Twitter Inc. logo is displayed on an Apple Inc. laptop computer in this arranged photograph taken in New Hyde Park, New York, US, on Sunday, April 21, 2019. Twitter Inc. is scheduled to release earnings figures on April 23. Photographer: Gabby Jones/Bloomberg