SF officials pledge action amid rise in late-night burglaries in Chinatown

SAN FRANCISCO – Police in San Francisco are stepping up patrols in the city’s Chinatown, which has been hit by an alarming rash of late-night burglaries and vandalism. There have been 10 commercial burglaries in the last 45 days in Chinatown, according to the department. A volunteer muralist was painting plywood outside Dim Sum Corner, … Read more

SF school board votes to admonish Hsu over derogatory comments about black, brown students

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — Chaos erupted at the San Francisco School Board meeting Tuesday, over board member Ann Hsu’s comments about black and brown students and their families. Hsu has rejected calls from the NAACP and other members of the community who say she should resign for saying, “A lack of family support is one … Read more

Remote Work Is Over In These Markets — And Here’s What They Have In Common

Unsplash/Luke Peters While bosses and workers continue to wrestle over workplace return policies in the largest US employment hubs, in mid-sized and small cities, employees are largely back at their desks full time. The return to the office has been far more robust in places where the government-mandated lockdowns were shorter and where people use … Read more

45-year-old ‘fake retiree’ shares the most surprising lessons he learned when he tried to retire early

In June 2012, at 34 years old and after 13 years of working in investment banking, I wanted out. So I decided to negotiate a severance, retire early, and live off passive income through my rental properties, stock dividends and e-book sales. But just one year in, I realized that the life of travel and … Read more

As inflation surges, more Americans are living paycheck to paycheck

Inflation has been causing economic hardship for workers across all income levels. As of June, 61% of Americans — roughly 157 million adults — lived paycheck to paycheck, according to a new LendingClub report. That’s up from 58% who reported living paycheck to paycheck in May. A year ago, the number of adults who felt … Read more

Monkeypox concerns don’t squelch turnout at SF leather-theme street fair

SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX) — A kinky San Francisco street fair Sunday sparked concerns of being a monkeypox superspreader event. This comes as San Francisco declared a state of emergency over the monkeypox outbreak. Supporters of the Dore Alley Fair, also known as The Up Your Alley Street Fair, admitted the event is not for everyone. … Read more

Messy MBSs? Startup uses deep learning to predict mortgage-backed securities markets

While the globe bakes in record temperatures, there’s one thing cooling down: the US housing market, where inflation and rising interest rates have led to a distinctly chillier climate. In November, housing price data provider Zillow predicted writedowns of more than half a trillion dollars on mortgage-backed securities it issued as a result of winding … Read more

Update: San Francisco declares a public health emergency due to monkeypox

SAN FRANCISCO — San Francisco officials on Thursday announced they are declaring a public health emergency over monkeypox that will go into effect on August 1. San Francisco Mayor London Breed tweeted about the declaration Thursday afternoon, saying it would allow the city to “dedicate resources to prevent the spread” of the virus and accelerate … Read more

‘Middle Ground’ at the Exploratorium engages social science to build fresh perspectives

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — From now through November 30, 2022, people of all ages are invited to pull up a chair and find Middle Ground at the Exploratorium. “Our world right now is very polarized, it’s very easy for us to think in terms of us and them. And what this exhibition is helping people … Read more

Google will once again test augmented reality glasses in public

Google AR glasses prototype Google Google will test augmented reality prototypes in public settings, the company said in a blog post on Tuesday. Some prototypes will look like normal glasses and will be equipped with microphones and cameras as well as transparent displays. The new glasses aren’t a product yet and aren’t available to the … Read more